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1 January 1970

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Stop! Collaborate and listen: Georgie Malyon transforms water and flowers into a whimsical frozen bowl that is perfect for cool summer soirées.

1 “Once upon a time” is how I feel I should introduce this project – there is something so fairytale-ish about flowers encased in ice, especially when moulded into a vessel for holding drinks or cold treats. All you need are three metal or plastic (but not glass) containers that will nest together – one small, one medium, one large – plus water, flowers, rice and tape, and some space in your freezer.

various green and purple flowers, two vessels, rice, tape and secateurs

2 Choose flowers that aren’t too bulky, so they will fit easily between your containers when the smallest one is nested inside the medium one. I opted for a blue, green and white palette, and used pansies, delphiniums, gypsophila, hellebores and statice. Take the medium-sized bowl and make a ring of flowers around the inside of it, cutting any blooms down to size as necessary.

3 Insert the smallest container into the middle of the medium-sized container that has the flowers inside it. Fill the small container with rice and tape it in place – this will prevent it from floating around once you add water. Pour water in the space between the two bowls, so that the flowers are submerged. Carefully place your mould in the freezer and leave until frozen.

4 When you’re ready to use your ice sculpture, add a little water to a larger bowl and place the entire mould inside (bowls and all) until the ice melts just enough for you to remove your creation. Place your ice bowl on a large plate to contain the ever-growing puddle as it melts, and delight in its ephemeral beauty.

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