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1 October 2022

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Our top picks for new releases out this month on streaming platforms.

The C-Word

In a world of endless podcast possibilities, I’ve made the only rational choice. I’ve become a mono-podist. With near-religious zeal, I listen to only one. Not because I don’t have others to choose from; I can barely keep up. And not because I’m boring and lazy. Okay, maybe that last one is less than accurate, but the truth is there are so many options I’ve decided to commit totally to the first seriously good podcast I found. Here’s why I think you should go all in on The C-Word too.

It’s not the C-word you think it is. This podcast is about the other word women get called: crazy. It’s about women who were notorious and savaged by the press; women who were relegated to the cultural trash heap. And instead of rehashing superficial shame-fuelled tabloid criticisms, we get a thoughtful interrogation of what really went on. While listening, I find myself thinking the subject probably received more empathy during this show than at any other time in their lives. Which is why it’s cathartic.

Getting the chance to dive into tales of wild behaviour (often involving famous people, addictions, fear, terrible decisions, desperate poverty, extreme wealth and plastic surgery) but with a sympathetic lens is like nightswimming. Backwards, but in a good way. You get to pore over tragedy with the agreed goal of trying to understand and accept the person for all she was; not just the talent or the mistake, but all of it, all at once. 

Sure, there’s your Lindsay Lohans and your Mariah Careys, but there’s also journalists, socialites, heiresses, actors and models. Like American photographer, model and author of unsettling children’s series The Lonely Doll, Dare Wright (pictured above), who would die alone and penniless in a squatters’ apartment in NYC. Or a fascinating rewrite of Yoko Ono and a deep dive into the devastating manufacture of Judy Garland.

The hosts may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but they work. Writer Lena Dunham (Girls) and historian of bad behaviour Alissa Bennett are best friends who understand women and how to tell a story. They’re funny, intelligent and don’t give a fuck about how people receive them. It’s a fun dynamic.

Available on Apple Podcasts

Do Revenge

In a rare move for a Gen Z-centric film, Do Revenge does not alienate older audiences. In fact, it’s a love letter to the gal pal movies we grew up watching. Think Heathers, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, Thelma and Louise, Clueless and many, many more. You’ll see wonderfully subtle references to them all. This Millennial was stoked. That said, Do Revenge is a unique classic in its own right, with a fabulous twist at the end. 

Streaming now on Netflix 

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

While very well-made and engrossing, Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy’s take on serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer must be taken with a grain of salt. To say artistic licence is afoot would be an understatement; do not believe everything you see. However, they do well at paying respect to Dahmer’s victims and have no qualms about highlighting the disgusting racism and incompetence of the Milwaukee Police.

Streaming now on Netflix 

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