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30 October 2022

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We dare you to deviate from the cookie cutter world and inject a dose of eccentric personality with a pop of colour from Resene

Many will agree that colour induces an array of emotions. But what if we told you that we live in a far greyer world due to mass consumerism and a global decline in culture? 

A wild discovery by a research group used machine learning to track colour changes in everyday items. All commodities, from bed sheets to cars dating back to the 1800s, were colour-coded and added to a database. What they found was a prominent skew of colour disappearing from the world. The modern homes of the ’70s featured bold oranges, emerald greens and wallpapers bursting
with textural patterns. Since Mies Van der Rohe introduced Modernism to the world, contemporary homes of today are minimal, neutral and stripped back, with a singular colour used as a feature if they decide to go “bold”.

When you study heritage cultures around the globe, the world was once soaked in colour. We, as humans, have always been drawn to colour. We’re an emotive species who have always been drawn to the aesthetically pleasing nature of beauty. Colour reflects who we are and how we live. The general rule of thumb applied to most homes are that the plainer and more generic it is, the easier it is to sell to the next renter, buyer or investor, yet the homes that often sell well are the ones that are memorable.

When we abide by modern trends and norms, we risk losing personality and a sense of belonging. Resene recognises this dire call
for more colour to bring back into our homes, and to celebrate the rise of individuality, Resene’s latest colour decks are vibrant and exciting, with the range being aptly dubbed Fashion Collection.

With your eyes being used to monochromatic environments, it may seem like a daunting idea to swing the other way and go all out on the pigments. You need not fear, as we’re here to give you the lowdown on how to do this seemingly overwhelming process in an easy yet tasteful fashion. 

Yellow & Teal

Unexpectedly, this duo is a match made in heaven. Like the colour names, Resene Sunbeam and Resene Boost, this is an absolutely joy-inducing duo. Bold yet balanced, the affordable decor of the coral pink cushion and bright yellow throw atop the opulent grey-blue sitting chair and matching glass lamp is an iconic combo.

Pink & Green

We’ve selected Resene Boundless and Resene Temptation, which, at first glance, are rather striking together. However, due to everyone’s favourite summer fruit, the juicy watermelon hues are not so foreign as they are often seen together, especially in the beauty industry. Also, thanks to HBO’s globe-sweeping series Euphoria, bold eyeshadows have become the norm among TikTokers and Instagrammers alike. Begin with a vase that complements the tone of your couch, then expand into cushions and crockery that all fall within the hues you love. Trenzseater’s armchair mixed with the brass Interior Warehouse’s lamp brings this combination to life. Be bold and brave with your choices. It will most certainly pay off.

Orange & Blue

To find slightly “off-centre” tones from the stark blue and orange we see on the wheel, we’ve picked up Resene Wet N Wild and paired it with Resene Grenadier. We’ve selected a few beautiful pieces that nod to this complementary pairing, and you can instantly see how effective it is. For example, the Bauhaus sofa is calling for Adairs’ terracotta cushions. It’s giving strong Californian accents reminiscent of the ’70s.

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