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28 March 2023

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Using the energetic cycles and seasons to set your goals, heal and manifest what you want in life is such a powerful tool to help us to navigate life daily without resistance. To use the April Energy forecast, review once in its entirety and then at the beginning and end of each week remind yourself what the energy of the week is asking of you.

April Energy Forecast Week 1 : April 1 – 9

We start the month with positive changes in the April energy forecast. Passions are asking to be reawakened and passion in general for life, relationships and within yourself for all you wish to create. If you feel like you have had to conform or be a certain way, it is time to break out of these rigid ways. Take expectations away and work on things that will cultivate your passions. Do you know what your passions are? Start or work on a creative project where you can see gradual results. There is a real focus on changing something in your physical world that is going to give you substance and deeper oneness in life. Your belief in yourself to complete tasks or missions are being supported with the energy of Mother Earth. If we love what we do and make future plans based on this, you are guaranteed success.

Full Moon – April 6 in Libra

The full moon to begin the month is a pink moon, a time to release self-imposed restrictions so your true essence can be restored. Release the fears that make you afraid of who you who are or who you want to be. All expectations that do not serve you are what will be addressed or brought up for healing at this time. What expectations have you set that make it harder to feel joy in life? Expect these to be amplified at this time for their identification and release.

Card of the week : Divine masculine/ feminine

April Energy Forecast
April Energy Forecast Week 1 Card:
This card comes up for the week as balance for the full moon in libra is asking to be addressed. The balance is in how much you have been trying to control things, which is masculine energy with your feminine energy which is how much you release the grip of the rope to reveal your true creative expression. It may be that your feminine energy needs to feel supported and safe in order to be yourself or your masculine needs some boundaries set. Either way balance is being restored.

April Energy Forecast Week 2 : April 10 – April 16

The energy of forecast of Easter arrives after the full moon, a time to bring about a new hobby or one that has not been actively pursued in a while. There is real support and backing for you to express yourself, taking last week’s passion and turning it into beauty in your life. How can you make your life more beautiful and more passion fueled?

A traditionally spiritual week with Good Friday, there is also a collective sense of being renewed with hope and faith restored. Put your worries aside and see yourself as a partner to yourself.  Rather than looking externally for partnership – how can you speak to yourself?  Support yourself? And take the journey within and celebrate your life?

There are delights that await you when you begin to see that any separation is an illusion. Centre and align your soul and self to be one this week. If you believe in angels – arch angel Michael is there to call upon as a spiritual warrior to help you.

Card of the week: Sacred

April Energy Forecast
April Energy Forecast Week 2 Card:
A week infused with a sacred essence of the angels and reminding you that you are supported. You are being asked to make your life beautiful by looking at your experience as sacred lessons and choices that delight you.

Week 3: April 17 – April 23

Time to make some decisions this week, you may be feeling more sensitive than usual and that is not bad thing. Take some time to withdraw and retreat from anything that is harsh and overly stimulating. This sensitivity is to help you come back to yourself rather than getting overloaded with external energies. You will find your own mental clarity by thinking and feeling for yourself. Mercury Retrograde sets in this week which means your communication needs to come from a place of clear thinking and speaking to ensure there are no misunderstandings. If there are misunderstandings, show mercy knowing that at this time many people will be feeling the effects of Mercury and may be having trouble articulating what they are feeling.

Celebrate the small things and re-evaluate what you want based on what you have. It’s time to be aware and tune into your intuition and plan an exciting next step. During Mercury Retrograde it’s not about starting new things it’s about looking at what you have and planning what’s next.


New Moon: April 20 in Aries

The new moon this week is also a solar eclipse.  It will provide a space for you to plant the seeds of the exciting steps into the future but with the eclipse and the disappearance of the sun, it’s not a time to grow the seeds yet, just water the ideas. Mercury will help to keep an unrushed pace. Everything is a bit slow at this time, but this is great to really decide what you want.

Card of the week: Break The Cycle

April Energy Forecast
April Energy Forecast Week 3 Card:
You are being asked to step back and check your thoughts, behaviours, and communication in order to break any cycles of old behaviours such as needing to rush into things and be right.

April Energy Forecast Week 4: April 24 – April 30

A week of self-expression through creativity. Listen or play music to inspire positive mood changes and nurture your creative self. Creativity can step you out of any self-doubt and into a space of passion and to rebalance the mind to be able to provide ideas to unleash the wild side in you. This week you are being asked to do something fun and ridiculous to get you out of own mind. 

With Mercury in retrograde your relationships may feel a bit stuck and not on the same page but the reason this may come up is because there is an opportunity here for you to find connection again. All our emotions are necessary, even the ones that can be challenging but they are being brought up for you to evaluate the situation at hand. This is all to help you move forward and allow those seeds you planted through your decisions the week before to start growing and you may see some sprouts of growth this week. Growth comes from creativity!

Be like a child and believe in magic! Because when you do wonderful feelings of joy and wonder can be found.

Card of the week: Silver Lining

April Energy Forecast
April Energy Forecast Week 4 Card:
A new situation is forging out of the current experience and the silver lining will be found in the messages and understanding of what is influencing situations to arise this week.


April Energy Forecast is a time to reconnect and nurture yourself and your relationships. It’s time to take stock of your life both physically and emotionally. Inject passion and fun by slowing down and leaning into your feelings. Any resistance or separation is working itself out for you to feel more deeply connected to yourself and others around you giving you support, purpose and fulfilment.

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