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28 February 2023

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Gaia Chinniah provides our monthly energy forecast for March. Using the energetic cycles and seasons to set your goals, heal and manifest what you want in life is such a powerful tool to help us to navigate life daily without resistance. To use this forecast, review once in its entirety and then at the beginning and end of each week remind yourself what the energy of the week is asking of you.

March Energy Forecast Week 1: February 27 – March 5

March is a big month to watch with curiosity as the world expands with new innovations alongside your own personal expansion too. This month feels like there will be a big bang, a take-off, things starting to make sense and advancement in our lives. In the first week as we make a transition from February to March, your material possessions and what you feel are important need to be looked at how they can be moved online or into the virtual world somehow. This might mean streamlining paperwork, consolidating shares, taking your work online. Decluttering might be something you want to consider in general. When decluttering, give away what is needed keeping only what you want. There is an alignment with streamlining systems in both our work and personal lives. Knowing that all your affairs are in order.

You might find yourself feeling a bit disappointed or hurt, these feelings can never be caused by anyone, but the trigger could be brought up by another for bringing up what is already within the self, like a mirror. It may be around not being where you thought you would be right now. The message here is to stay focused on your path because there is a union or reunion with something or someone coming and what you are feeling is the healing of lower energies so when this unity comes together it’s under the best conditions.

In terms of love, you may be connecting or reconnecting with a soul mate! This is part of the ‘big bang’ energy! The collision of all things that are meant to be.

Card of the week: Ground

You are being asked to be present on your earthly journey while being not attached or needing to accumulate more than you need around you. Staying grounded means to not lose your sense of purpose or direction in material things or how people make you feel. Being grounded means being confident in who you are.

March Energy Forecast Week 2: March 6 – March 12

There will be something to celebrate this week and it will be because you can see how abundance is being offered to you. Your personal beliefs and convictions will be questioned, and we are being asked to remember that it’s not what we believe, it’s how we believe and if our beliefs are kind, we can help both other people and ourselves.

Gossip also is something to be aware of, not participating or being involved in shaming stories about yourself or others. Gossip or speaking ill of others is the energy of the ego needing to victimise and it doesn’t serve. There may be an experience to remember to be kind to yourself and others. You will know this energy is present if a situation is feeling like there are delays or resistance – if you can sense it; bring yourself back to what your beliefs are around your worth. As we are all mirrors of the people in our lives and the judgement, we have in ourselves is usually what we notice in others.

It is also International Woman’s Day which is celebrated on March 8 and seeing how far you have come is the energy to balance out any questioning of self-worth and how worthy you are. There has been progress and much of it has been paved by others so that you can be here and now it’s your turn to pave the way for others.

The energy this week is the exchange of energy – what you give you also receive. Follow the signs that you are shown. Release your inhibitions and start afresh with beliefs that lift yourself and others up.

Full Moon – March 7 in Virgo

The Full Moon this month is a time of deep healing of the old criticism we have had towards ourselves and others. A judgement of self to fulfil our desire in our health and the rules we use to govern our life. It’s time to use this Full Moon to release in an organised and efficient way that is also balanced to sustain the healthy life you want.

Card of the week: Triumph
Obstacles are starting to shift as you feel more on top of your life. Not only physical obstacles but seeing who or what causes resistance in order to shift yourself towards more abundance.

March Energy Forecast Week 3: March 13 – March 19

We don’t need someone to save us but there is this energy this week of someone who may appear to have your back, they will want to help and implement changes in your life. Almost like a hero in disguise – be aware of anyone trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Is this a genuine offer? You will need to check in with your intuition. You are asked to make a right choice, not based on old thought system but a gamble for the future.  We are here on earth to take some risks and that means with people too. The energy of success and happiness will support you to move with the advancements of technology and the evolution that is being presented to you. How you communicate is going to be key this week; people will be looking to you as a role model and you are looking for those noble qualities in others also.

Take some time to connect with nature and reconnect with the energy the sun has to offer in revitalising and motivating you this week.

Card of the week: Opposites
This card comes up for you because there is an opposing factor that will be presenting itself to make sense of a bigger picture. Look for meaning in the opposite of what you would normally do or notice and also look at a reflection of you in someone else that you are questioning this week.

March Energy Forecast Week 4: March 20 – March 26

Your will power will be important as you might find yourself in a ‘hands on’ situations, needing to help out and get into the nitty gritty. Still think of yourself as a role model for others around you, how would behave and communicate if you knew you were being looked up to? Really connect and create what you want with who you want. Your intuition will be strong where it will be easy to see what is being presented to you and to see a clear path forward.

There will be a deep knowing in your being and bones to trust what you can’t see based on what you can – it will be enough evidence. 

People are starting to take notice of you! So don’t be frustrated if you feel like you are not getting the attention you need, it just may not be the right time for your shining moment.  If you are feeling frustrated, ask for help or for what you want.

Trust your talents and gifts! We all have something we are here in the world to give, and you are starting to be noticed.

NEW MOON: March 21 in Aries

A New Moon packed with wisdom for intention to truly decide what you want next at a pace you can handle. A lot is happening behind the scenes in preparation for you to shine so set intentions for the attention you are looking for to bring in the growth that you want.

Card of the week: A New Idea
A new idea will be developing not just from what you can see but you are being led to the right people in the right places. New Moon, New Ideas to create!

March Energy Forecast Week 5: March 27 – April 2

There might be some inexplicable coincidences this week and feeling of déjà vu and recognition. Your structure in life will be important to evaluate to ensure that things are getting done. Checklists and logical support to help you stay on track are needed. There are things to clear up and consolidate. Your structure will help you not overspend in finances, energy and time.

Parts of your life are being unveiled, and this is an exciting thing. You might find people are asking you to do things that you are passionate about which is in line with your true nature. You will feel seen and recognised.

There is an element of clearing out and your creative expression is what is giving you this new slate to work on.

Card of the week: Signs
The signs card comes up to ask you to look at what is popping up in your life naturally to direct you down your true path.

OVERALL: March is a time of expansion, advancement, and growth. This month is a time to shine in terms of your passions and to put them out for the world to see who you really are! It’s a time of organisation and preparing for even more growth to come but also a very intuitive month in the preparation for your moment to shine. Remember, March is a big month to watch with curiosity as the world expands alongside your own expansion too.

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