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1 May 2023

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While everyone is busy getting all worked up about Open AI’s cutting GPT-3 language model and cheating on homework, let’s talk about what we really love robots for – doing the chores. Meet the Winbot W1Pro.

Washing machines took the drag (quite literally) out of the laundry, but progress has not been as fast as you’d think considering we’ve got all other sorts of magic devices helping with our daily lives.

According to Wikipedia the first automated washing machine was patented in 1937. That’s too long between drinks I say. Where is the magic broom that sweeps the dust? The duster that dusts, the window cleaner that cleans windows?. Me, I don’t mind sweeping, I quite love cooking, I almost like doing dishes but washing windows is an arduous task so when I received a press release about an AI robot that cleaned windows I put my hand up to try it.

It’s an impressive piece of technology. A rather large and heavy unit resembling a set of scales. First of course you charge it. Second you press it onto the glass engaging the ‘on’ button and a little voice activates its suction powers and this creature clams up onto your window, suctioning on to the sheet of glass and crawling its way up and across it while a dual direction cross auto spray applies window cleaner.

Winbot W1Pro

The result was a spotless and simple clean that left me in awe of its power and a little bit protective of its vulnerability. ‘Please don’t fall” I prayed as it made its steady climb up the 3 metre wall of picture window that has been the bane of my house cleaning life.

But the ECOVAC WINBOT W1 PRO window cleaning robot did its thing. Problem was it  was supposed to leave me more time to do other exciting tasks, Instead I found myself entranced by the cleverness. Like a new pet that I was taking for a walk. For each window I introduced it to, I stood and supervised progress. I’m hoping I can leave it alone as the novelty wears off but for now it’s a spectacle event as well as an improvement in my life. Did I mention it can deal with bathroom scum as it scales the wall of glass in the bathroom?

The future is robots and so long as they stay targeted on housework I’m a big fan.

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