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1 January 1970

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As her labradoodle laps up attention, Sarah-Kate wonders why blondes of all species have more fun.

They say that pet owners end up looking like their pets and I have to say, I deeply wish this were true. Our golden labradoodle Jimmy has long blonde hair, deep brown eyes, a slim physique and a loving, docile personality.

I don’t envy his dexterity when it comes to cleansing his own private parts, but I have to say that I’m a teensy bit green about his overall attractiveness.

In the five months he’s been in our lives, I’ve been stunned to observe the effect our Rachel Hunter of the oodle world has on humans – and how, in turn, this has shaped his personality.

All people think their own offspring, canine or human, are the most adorable in the world, and this is always true. To them. But every now and then a creature comes along that actually unites all and sundry on the subject of their adorableness.

Jimmy is one such creature.

Obviously, genetically it has nothing to do with me. The only credit I can take is in over-thinking the suitability of a breeder to fit my needs and thus tracking one such soul down near Ranfurly in the South Island.

I did choose him from the litter but did not have first dibs, so it was pure luck that we ended up together.

And from the moment I collected him I knew he was something special. So did he.

And herein lies my revelation.

It is physically impossible to be in close proximity to Jimmy without admiring him and wanting to cuddle him just because of the way he looks. Therefore, he expects to be admired and cuddled. And he is. Always. Which confirms everything he thinks about himself: that he is admirable and cuddly.

And because he radiates this lovability, he is loved, which in turn gives him a pleasing and uncomplicated personality.

In other words, because he looks a certain way, he gets treated a certain way, and because he gets treated a certain way, he’s a nice person. I mean canine.

Do you get where I’m coming from?

Pretty blonde things end up being super popular because people like the look of them, which makes the pretty blonde things happy, which makes people like them even more.

This may not come as a surprise to the pretty blonde people out there, but I’ve had only six months of adorableness in my life – the first six – and pretty much ever since then I’ve looked like someone who would carjack their granny. Unless I’m smiling, which makes me look like someone who thinks carjacking their granny is funny. Which is worse.

I make no other judgement on my looks. I get by. But on observing Jimmy’s blissful tiptoe through the tulips so far, I can’t help but wonder what sort of a person I’d be had I been born blonde and cuddly instead of brunette and grumpy. Which came first, the brunette or the grump?

I can’t help but wonder what sort of a person I’d be had I been born blonde and cuddly instead of brunette and grumpy

Speaking of Rachel Hunter, I remember years ago meeting an agent from Ford Models who said the reason Rachel was such an icon and people were so desperate to work with her was that she had such a great personality. Yes, it’s about more than looks – but how closely attached are they to everything else?

I’ve been reading a book about how the FBI started off profiling serial killers (sorry, Rachel, this has nothing to do with you!) and it’s startling how many of them are not cute to look at. Also, they usually torture animals, wet the bed and start fires. Interesting.

I’m not saying, “Start a Movement, Hug a Murderer”, but maybe – just maybe – there’s something to be said for more hugs all round?

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