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Summer’s here, so keep the sand between your toes and the lightest of fabric next to your skin and with a little bit of style you’ll outclass the heat.

Silk & Steel Estate necklace, $599, Silk & Steel Eva hoop earrings, $99, Camilla and Marc Scott shirt, $335, Mei Lan Roe Maillot one-piece, $400, Camilla and Marc Clifford track short, $240, Kathryn Wilson slide, $290.
Camilla and Marc Alina midi dress, $1020, Moscot Yontif sunglasses, $520, scarf stylist’s own.
Camilla and Marc Pollina midi dress, $780, Ahlem Pont Marie sunglasses, POA, Stolen Girlfriends Club Halo Cluster earrings, $249, Kathryn Wilson, wedge sandal, $249.
Charlie Holiday, Jagger jumpsuit, $210, Silk & Steel Muse hoop earrings, $89.
Charlie Holiday, Nyla top, $165, Charlie Holiday Maple pant, $165, Silk & Steel Riviera hoop earrings, $89.
Stolen Girlfriends Club Sunbeam sunglasses, $329, Camilla and Mark Magdelina mini dress, $540, Silk & Steel Baroque choker, $159, Silk & Steel Eva necklace, $149, Silk & Steel Muse hoop earrings, $89, Beach Brain vegan tote, $189.

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