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11 May 2023

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In the past, modelling has been known for unrealistic standards that only cater to the stereotypical model body type. But real diversity in 2023 is no longer a size 14 here and there, Nikki Mann from Everi-Body recognised this issue and was determined to revolutionise the Australian model and talent industry. 

Through her model management company, Everi-Body, Nikki offers agency management for models of all body types, ethnicities and disabilities with the goal of ensuring that everyone feels recognised and appreciated, whether they’re shopping online, in store or browsing social media pages of their favourite brands.

 Nikki’s passion for this cause began when she interned at a curve model management agency in LA but had to return home due to COVID. Her experience working with and scouting successful models in LA inspired her to bring the same offering to Australia –  creating Everi-Body.   

“My passion to help better the future of the Australian fashion industry has grown even more since finding out I am having a baby girl. I will do everything in my power to make sure she feels seen and beautiful no matter what. I struggled so much as a child and teen, and I really don’t want that to happen to her or anyone else. I want society’s beauty standard to disappear and for us to realise that everybody is beautiful in their own unique way. My main goal is to normalise diversity. I want clients to book models for who they are and not their size or ethnicity. I don’t want them to get applauded when they book over a size 14 in a campaign, I want that to be the norm. “ Nikki for the Urban List AU

“Our beauty is in our differences”
Nikki Mann

Australian Fashion Week is this month, what are you hoping to see compared to previous years? 
I believe that true diversity is the key to making Australian Fashion Week truly groundbreaking and inclusive. While past years may have showcased some progress in terms of representation, I hope to see a greater emphasis on authentic diversity across all shows. This means going beyond mere box ticking and ensuring that diverse voices and perspectives are truly celebrated and honoured within every show!

Do you think we will ever get to a point of being ‘perfect’ in the Fashion industry? What would you consider as being ‘perfect’?
Although achieving perfection in the fashion industry may seem like a distant goal, I am enthusiastic about every step we take towards it, and I look forward to celebrating every improvement and progress towards a more inclusive and diverse industry.

What do you think Everi-Body’s biggest accomplishment is to date?
At Everi-Body, we consider building a strong and supportive community and family to be one of our greatest achievements, among others.

What inspired you to make a change in the modelling/ talent space? 
After working in the industry at a Curve agency in LA, I saw a lack of diversity here in Aus! I wanted to help make a change here too! Especially for the younger generations!

If you could speak to all of the fashion houses across the world, what would be the message you would give? 
Our beauty is in our differences! If you make your brand a more inclusive space for all, your customer base will GROW!!!

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