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25 October 2022

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Lining up the top underrated fragrances that will match your energy this Summer season.

Summer is the time for luscious fruits, hypnotising spices, energetic florals and invigorating aquatics. So, what will you choose? 

D.S & Durga once said, ”fragrance is armchair travel,” and I couldn’t agree more! It is the best thing about seasonal fragrances. A summer fragrance can take you anywhere from the hot and spicy nights of Marrakesh, to the sunny beaches of the Amalfi Coast. 

A summers day in Italy, Positano.

Although a signature fragrance seems like the right thing to do, seasonal fragrances can add an extra boost to your mood, step up an outfit or become an interesting conversation topic when socialising. Don’t underestimate the power of our senses. If you are looking for a rejuvenating summer scent, read below to find your unique fit. 

Mango Skin by Vilhelm Parfumaries

Mango Skin is not your typical fruity fragrance. You can practically take a bite out of this perfume. Perfectly capturing the juicy yet creamy flesh of the mango that is sticky and juicy, it is overflowing with the essence of this crowd favourite fruit. 

Although it is extraordinarily sweet, Mango Skin is well balanced by the tart blackberry, savoury blackpepper, and honeyed jasmine. Mellowed by the notes of wild orris, black lotus and vanilla, this fragrance is wonderfully complex and irreplaceable. Grounded by patchouli and pink sugar, your skin will be sure to radiate all the bright mango deliciousness that transforms into the night. 

If you love a distinct fragrance that captures the attention of a crowd, Mango Skin will be your best friend. Sweet, creamy, fruity with a touch of darkness – don’t miss out on this unbelievable creation.

Fior Fiore by Eau d’Italie

Sitting by the brick hedges, you are overlooking the sparkling bays of Positano, Italy. The skies are bursting with shades of bright orange, violets and blues as the sun sets beyond the terraces of your view. As the moon begins to shine, the night-blooming Siranuse jasmine flowers release an intoxicating warmth of white floral aroma. Ambrette seeds imitate the salty breeze while the fresh lily of the valley brings light to this passionate fragrance. 

Fior Fiore is a seductive love potion that isn’t too heavy or sickly sweet. Instead, it is energising and calming due to the comforting scent of the Siranuse jasmine. One whiff of Fior Fiore will make you feel like you’re on holiday mode. Pair with your best summer dress and an orange or hot pink lip for a breathtakingly chic summer vibe.

 Promise by Frederic Malle 

Sick and tired of fruity and floral Summer fragrances? Looking for an intensely sensual and lavish perfume? Promise by Frederic Malle is for serious fragrance lovers. An imagined world somewhere in the Middle East, it is luxury in a bottle. 

A dynamic fragrance that strikes the perfect balance between the feminine and masculine, it’s perfect for confident people who want to stand out.  

Bulgarian and Turkish rose forms the body of this deeply rich fragrance. Uplifted by notes of apple, pink pepper and clove, the fragrance is grounded in patchouli and labdanum – there is nothing quite like it. This combination is incredibly mysterious, spicy and reminiscent of hot Middle Eastern climates. Where a promise is an unbreakable vow, this fragrance is strong and dependent.

North Bondi by Ouai

North Bondi by Ouai is for the cool girls. Effortless, sheer and irresistibly chic – this fragrance is perfect for all your day time festivities this Summer. Described as a nuanced blend of rich florals, sheer white musk and fresh citrus notes – North Bondi is part of the fresh and floral family. 

At first spritz, Italian bergamot, lemon and apple blossom fill your nose with a sparkling fresh aroma. At the heart, a bouquet of rose de mai, violet and jasmine creates an ever so slightly powdery ambiance that gives this fragrance that beachy quality. Patchouli and white musk creates the lasting impression of this sheer musky fragrance that is almost skinlike. 

North Bondi is a fragrance that will work all year round absolutely seamlessly. Pair with denim and a pair of sunglasses at your next brunch or a chill day in the sun! 

Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

We can’t talk about a summer fragrance without covering a good citrus scent. Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford is an absolute classic that overcomes all the challenges that a citrus fragrance poses for a perfumer. It is exceptionally long lasting, possesses an incredible depth of flavour and boasts a complexity that is rare in this category. 

Neroli Portofino is Tom Ford’s personal olfactory portrait that captures the cool breeze, flowing water and the healthy greenery of Italy’s Portofino. Using citrus oils at the forefront of this fragrance, the backdrop of amber notes and floral accoutrements, Neroli Portofino is sure to turn heads during the Summer months. 

Italian bergamot and Sicilian lemon are staples in the citrus fragrance family and Neroli Portofino pairs the two together. With the addition of winter yellow mandarin, the holy trinity of bitter-sweet citrus notes is complete. Tunisian neroli and orange flower brings balance while lavender harmoniously blends with the citrus, floral and amber notes. 

Tom Ford fragrances are not for the faint hearted. Often quite strong and intense, Neroli Portofino is not as out-going as her other friends and does not overpower the wearer. Instead, this fragrance is inviting, mesmerising and bewitching.  

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