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18 July 2023

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As winter settles into its coldest days, there’s few activities left for one to do – except to indulge in the age-old delight of curling up by the fire with a good book. As the temperature drops and the rain falls outside, there’s no better way to spend our time than to immerse ourselves in the realms of literature. WOMAN recommends these four books to get you through the cold nights. 

The Interpreter By Brooke Robinson

Single mother Revelle Lee is an interpreter who spends her days translating for victims, witnesses and the accused across London. Only she knows what they’re saying. Only she knows the truth. When she believes a grave injustice is about to happen, and a guilty man is going to be labelled innocent, she has the power to twist an alibi to get the verdict she wants. She’s willing to risk it all to do what’s right. But when someone discovers she lied, Revelle finds the cost might be too high… and she could lose everything, including her son. 

This captivating thriller is bound to get its hooks into you with long-drawn out tension and complex characters. If you are craving a new out-look in the crime fiction genre, give it a go!    

None Of This Is True By Lisa Jewell 

Who is Josie Fair? And what has she done?

Celebrating her 45th birthday at her local pub, popular podcaster Alix Summers crosses paths with an unassuming woman called Josie Fair. Josie, it turns out, is also celebrating her 45th birthday. They are, in fact, birthday twins. A few days later, Alix and Josie bump into each other again, this time outside Alix’s children’s school. Josie has been listening to Alix’s podcasts and thinks she might be an interesting subject for her series. She is, she tells Alix, on the cusp of great changes in her life. Josie’s life appears to be strange and complicated, and although Alix finds her unsettling, she can’t quite resist the temptation to keep making the podcast. Slowly Alix starts to realise that Josie has been hiding some very dark secrets, and before she knows it Josie has inveigled her way into Alix’s life – and into her home.

This nail-biting suspense novel will have you on the edge of your seat with all of its twists and turns – perfect for a rainy night in! 

Hello Beautiful By Ann Napolitano 

Best friends and sisters, the four Padvano girls are thought of as inseparable by everyone in their close-knit Chicago neighbourhood. Julia, the eldest, is a planner. Sylvie, the dreamer, is happiest with her nose in a book and imagines a life for herself other than the expected path of wife and mother. Cecelia and Emmeline, the twins, are the artist and the caregiver. From childhood, the four sisters complete each other. But when Julia falls in love with William Walters, their lives change. As William falls into darkness, it is Sylvie, not Julia, who steps in to help.

This rich, life-affirming, and heartbreaking novel about sisterhood, family, love, and growing up offers a different read from the previous scintillating crime novels. What does it mean to be family? Is love strong enough to bring people back together?

Tangi By Witi Ihimaera

Winter books

First released 50 years ago, Tangi was Witi Ihimaera’s debut novel and the first to be published by a Māori author. A landmark literary event, it went on to win the James Wattie Book of the Year Award. He was just 29 years old at the time.

Revisiting the text for this special anniversary edition, Witi has added richer details and developed the nascent themes that have continued to preoccupy him over a lifetime of writing. There is not a more perfect time to give this iconic novel a go, and return with Witi to where it all began!

These four captivating novels will transport you into a world of thrilling mindgames, webs of deceit, and the complex bonds of kinship and sisterhood. Lay by the fire, take yourself out of the chilly winter landscape and escape into these tales. 

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