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7 November 2023

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Roxie Nafousi is a self-development coach, author, motivational speaker and most importantly, a mother.  You have probably seen the iconic little orange book that brought the colour orange back into vogue in 2022.  

Roxie Nafousis’ first book, ‘Manifesting: The 7 Seven Steps To Living Your Best Life’ was the must have self development book of 2022. UK Sunday Star Times labelled it the #4 self help book of the year, while Forbes named her “The Manifesting Queen”.  Exactly a year on and off the back of the success of her first book Roxie has written ‘Manifest: Dive Deeper’.

“All of a sudden Manifest was the book to own and be pictured with, and orange was the colour of the moment”

The practice of Manifesting sits alongside astrology, crystals and tarot cards. These ‘woo woo’ beliefs are being resurrected by the twenty-somethings of today in the hope they start ‘living their best life’, undoubtedly influenced by Tik-Tok. Unsurprisingly #Manifestation has a staggering 24.8 billion views on Tik Tok.  Roxie has expressed her frustration at the practice of manifestation and claims it has been ruined by social media, with people hoping to manifest a dream car or handbag over a purpose-led life. 

Manifesting was first coined by William Walker Atkinson in his 1906 book ‘Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World’ which was then made famous by the popular book & movie ‘The Secret’ written by Rhonda Byrne. William introduced the power of the mind stating “I believe that the man who understands the use of Thought-force can make of himself practically what he will.”

Manifesting, in case you are not a twenty-something on TikTok, is the practice of harnessing positive thinking. Roxie explains that due to quantum physics like attracts like, so high vibrations attract high vibrations back. Roxie believes that due to our brains being able to easily form new pathways we have the ability to override past beliefs, raise our self worth and align our thoughts to create our own reality. 

 “People on Tik Tok say they manifested their Chanel bag. Well, that’s not really what manifesting is about.”
-Roxie Nafousi

Rather than wishing for materialistic items or to win the lottery, Roxie acknowledges it as “a self-development practice to live by, that will empower you to be the best version of yourself and live the best life that you can.” 

Roxie is very open with her traumatic early 20’s that lead to her hitting ‘rock bottom’ and beginning her own manifesting journey. After drug fueled partying, poor self care and suffering from addiction, a friend introduced the concept through a podcast that she credits to saving her life. It is her personal story that makes her methods and teachings feel more authentic, realistic and accessible to anyone. 

“I made a decision that I was unworthy as I was. Of course, I was not attracting anything good. What you will learn from the book is that you manifest your own subconscious beliefs—what you think you’re worthy of.”

Roxie Naoufi’s new book ‘Manifest:Dive Deeper’ delves into the inner healing required to unlock the potential of manifesting and expanding your understanding of the long standing practice.

3 books stacked on top of each other on a white marble table

Manifest: Dive Deeper’ follows the same 7 steps from the original book but provides additional exercises, advice and personal stories from Roxie’s own manifesting journey.  

These 7 steps include: 
1. Be clear in your vision
2. Remove fear and doubt
3. Align your behaviour
4. Overcome tests from the universe 
5. Embrace gratitude without caveats
6. Turn envy into inspiration
7. Trust in the universe

The new year will always bring a feeling of motivation and energy to ‘live your best life’. 

Roxie is not here to say you can vision board and journal your way out of the rising cost of living, but self love, gratitude and having clear goals can go a long way in living a purposeful life this year. 

Manifest: Dive Deeper book cover
Manifest: Dive Deeper By Roxie Nafousi  $39.99
(Penguin Random House UK)

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