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9 December 2020

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After the turmoil of 2021, Sarah-Kate pens an ode to what matters most this holiday season.

So, looks like the Grinch is not going to steal Christmas, which is good because Christmas is fun – and what we all need about now is a lot of fun.

By the way, did you know that clinical psychologists in recent times have actually diagnosed the fictional Dr Seuss character of the Grinch as suffering from antisocial personality disorder with depressed mood?

I wonder perhaps if, in the prequel to How The Grinch Stole Christmas!, the Grinch had been banjaxed by an evil virus that kept him from his work, his family and friends, his gym, restaurants and travel outside the Mount Crumpit border and the rest of the known universe in general?

Because that definitely causes irritability and aggression. Like, a lot.

But hopefully, we can now put our own irritability (try finding someone who hasn’t dealt with an oversupply of that in the last five months) and aggression behind us and get on with the business of celebrating the festive season.

Of course the trouble is that even without lockdowns, Christmas can be a time of irritability and aggression.

I mean, the Grinch was wrong to hate it because it was noisy when the children of Whoville opened their presents and sang. But the fact is that sometimes the gap between our expectation of the holidays and the reality can produce – to put it politely – negative feelings.

And that’s at the end of a good year.

However, we’ve had enough of negative feelings. So I propose, this Yule, a nationwide lowering of all expectations. Never mind the hams and the turkeys. Never mind the lavish table settings with three types of matching napkins. Never mind the two-metre tree and the colour-blocked decorations.

Never mind, as the Grinch would say, the tringlers and fuzzles and dafflers and wuzzles – which I think are presents. It’s lovely to get them and we all want to be out there supporting retail (although some of us have being doing so online, obsessively if some opinions – not mine – are to be believed), but presents are merely the brandy butter on the Christmas pudding, not the pudding itself. And the pudding doesn’t even matter. It’s really all about the mixed fruit.

Never mind, as the Grinch would say, the tringlers and fuzzles and dafflers and wuzzles – which I think are presents.

In other words, if you even get to share a raisin with your nearest and dearest this Christmas after the woeful separations 2021 has brought with it, it’s a win.

For no matter what torture the year has begat, the hugs of your loved ones are where it’s all at

And whether you’re a Smith or a Jones or a Lynch, we can now, more than ever, learn a lot from the Grinch

Sure he said bad things and impersonated Santa, and made his poor dog wear a fake reindeer antler

But in the end the Grinch came to see (and I’m sure we can all agree) that: “Christmas Day will always be… Just as long as we have we.”

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