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25 August 2023

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Say cheers to dad with these delicious cocktail recipes! With Father’s Day just around the corner, Brown Brothers shares their recommendations for the perfect cocktails to enjoy this Father’s Day. 

Spicy Jalapeño & Moscato Margarita    


For dads who love a bit of spice, why not try the Spicy Jalapeño & Moscato Margarita, guaranteed to put a bit of kick into your Father’s Day celebrations! 


  • 30ml lime juice  
  • 30ml Cointreau or Triple Sec  
  • 30ml spicy blanco tequila*  
  • 15ml simple syrup  
  • 60ml Brown Brothers Moscato & Sauvignon Blanc  


  • Dehydrated lime wheel and salt rim  
  • Glass: Double rocks glass  


  • Rim your glass by rubbing one side of the lip with a lime wedge. Dip into salt and shake off excess. Add ice to your glass.  
  • Add simple syrup, lime juice, Cointreau & tequila to your shaker.  
  • Add ice and shake until the outside of the tin is frosty.  
  • Double strain with both a Hawthorn strainer and fine mesh into your glass.  
  • Top with Brown Brothers Moscato & Sauvignon Blanc and garnish with a dehydrated lime wheel. 

Top tip: Brown Brothers infuses dried chillis from their Kitchen Garden into tequila to create a spicy tequila. The longer you infuse, the spicier the tequila! Feel free to add fresh chillis to your shaker and use normal tequila or add a chilli simple syrup.

Suggested Food Matching:

Margaritas are great paired with a wide variety of Mexican foods, including tacos, burritos, and nachos. They also go well with salads or a fresh chicken sandwich.

Espresso Mar-Tawny  


If you’re looking for a decadent treat instead of a dessert for the perfect end to your Father’s Day meal, then look no further than the Espresso Mar-Tawny – Brown Brothers’ twist on a traditional Espresso Martini. 


  • 30ml vodka  
  • 30ml espresso  
  • 30ml coffee liqueur
  • 30ml Brown Brothers Australian Tawny  
  • 10ml vanilla & wattleseed syrup*  
  • 3 dashes choc bitters 


  • 3 coffee beans
  • Glass: Coupe’ glass 


  • Pre-chill your glass in the freezer or add a scoop of ice while you make your cocktail.
  • Add all ingredients to your shaker and shake without ice to emulsify and develop a lovely foam.  
  • Add ice and shake again until the outside of the tin is frosty. 
  • Double strain to help eliminate any ice shards in your cocktails. Feel free to use any glass you have, but we think it looks so much classier in a beautiful coupe’ glass.  
  • Garnish with 3 coffee beans.  

Top Tip: *Make your syrup ahead of time by mixing equal parts sugar and water in a saucepan over the stove. Add a pinch of wattleseed, and vanilla beans (or extract) if you have it. Once sugar has dissolved, remove from heat and cool. You can use more or less, depending on your desired sweetness and coffee liqueur. 

Suggested Food Paring:

Brown Brothers Espresso Mar-Tawny, pairs beautifully with a variety of sweet desserts such as tiramisu or chocolate mousse, for the ultimate indulgent treat.

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