Rites of Spring: How to Make Your Own Beautiful Christmas Wreath

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10 November 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Celebrate new beginnings and longer, warmer days by making Georgie Malyon’s sustainable and deceptively simple wreath.

Step One
Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. They’re a lovely way to celebrate the changing seasons and milestones like the beginning of daylight saving, making use of whatever your garden gifts you. For this one, I used twisted willow stems (but any strong, supple stems will do), two types of acacia and Pieris ‘Temple Bells’.

Step Two
Begin by twisting the individual willow stems together, then gradually start shaping them into a large circle. Tie any wayward strands together with string, maintaining enough of a gap between the stems so you can easily insert your flowers between them when you decorate the wreath – you should aim for a firm but loose nest. Twist the ends together or tie them with string.

Step Three
Trim your flowers to size (the larger they are, the more body your wreath will have). Choose a starting point, and begin inserting blooms through the wreath base. Overlap them as you go, continuing around the circle in one direction until your wreath is covered. Hold your wreath up and identify any gaps that need filling or sections that need trimming.

Step Four
Once you’re happy with your composition (and who wouldn’t be – wreath-making is so much fun and super easy), tie any loose greenery to your wreath base with string, if required. Work out where you’d like the top of your wreath to be and tie it with a ribbon. Hang your wreath anywhere you fancy – a door, wall, gate or fireplace – and welcome spring in.


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