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1 January 1970

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When finding a bra that is good for you, and for the planet, look for comfortable yet supportive fits that feel natural to touch, says renowned lingerie designer Chloé Julian of Videris.

How full do you think your bra cup should feel?

This is really a personal preference and every woman is different, some women like to feel very held in and firm whilst others don’t. Also, the styling of the bra will affect the fit. A lot of women have two different sized breasts, most often the left is larger due to the heart muscle. I think it is best to accommodate the larger breast.

How do you find your right bra measurement?

To measure your underband, wrap a measuring tape firmly around the area right under the breasts. To measure your bust, wrap the measuring tape firmly around your bust over the nipples. When choosing your size, prioritise the underband measurement. The underband needs to be firm fitting around the chest to give support. If it’s too loose the bra will lift off your chest at the centre and ride up at the back.

What hook should your bra be clipped to when you try a bra?

I think it is important that women have the option of all three hook clips at the time of buying as there is no one sized body shape. The flexibility needed for changes and fluctuations in size need to come from the cup capacity. Unless you are going through a life change like pregnancy your rib cage isn’t adjusting, it’s your cup size.

How should bra straps feel?

A bra strap should feel firm but not digging in and hurting. Generally, it’s not the wearer’s fault if a strap is not doing a good job but down to the fact that a poor quality elastic and cheap componentry has been used. I am very particular about using high-quality elastics as cheaper elastics either stretch too much or lose their elasticity and become wavy and useless. Good quality rights and sliders allow you to adjust the strap to the right fit for your body and keep the strap firmly in place. It is also important that the right width of the strap is used for the size the bra is accommodating. The Videris bras have a slightly wider elastic on the L and XL sizes to give more support.

Is there anything else to look for, or be cautious of, when finding a new bra?

I am always cautious of bras that don’t have the basic components required to create the right fit for your body type; this includes an adjustable hook and eye and adjustable straps. Bras that do not have this are likely to feel ok at first, but the stretching over the head to get on will stretch the bra out of shape very quickly and the lack of strap adjustment will drive you crazy.

How long can we keep our favourite bra before it might be time for a new one?

It depends how many favourites you have! If you do have an absolute favourite, then I recommend buying three of that style – one for wearing, one for washing and one for in the drawer. Your favourite won’t last too long if you’re wearing it every day! Washing places the most wear and tear on your bra, always close the hook and eyes so they don’t snag on other parts of the bra and put items in a lingerie wash bag. A gentle cycle is best and line dry.

Find out more about bra design with Videris lingerie designer Chloé Julian here

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