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17 February 2023

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Are you getting tired of organising your vanity over and over again? Do you struggle with storage space? Are you starting to lose interest in some of the products you bought on a whim? If you are violently nodding, you need these tips on optimising your wallet and beauty collection to reduce clutter and make the most out of your makeup products. 

Understand Your Skin Type


The skin is a finicky thing. Not all popular products are going to work for everybody. Understanding your skin type can play a critical role in making informed decisions before purchasing a product. This way, you can keep your makeup collection concise and well-organised with products you will consistently reach for and love. 

If you want to figure out your skin type, pop into your favourite beauty or skincare retailer and ask for a little consultation. Most places will be more than happy to talk with you and point you in the right direction. Otherwise, examine your skin every two to three hours and note any changes. For example, if your skin looks shinier throughout the day, you may fall under the combination/ oily skin category.

The Flat Lay Co. Makeup Bag 

Flat Lay Co. Flat Lay Makeup Bag $62 NZD. 

Although we have seen this ingenious makeup bag pop up on social media, we only really understood how amazing it was once we tried it ourselves. Say goodbye to frantically rummaging through structured makeup bags and say hello to your perfect beauty capsule makeup bag!

The Flat Lay Co. Flat Lay Makeup Bag fully expands so that your makeup can be easily found and quickly put back. All you need to do is release the drawstrings to reveal the contents. When you’re done, you simply pull on the same drawstrings to neatly gather your products into a nifty little bundle. 

This bag is truly a game changer for those who prioritise efficient living. It can fit much more than the average makeup bag and completely cuts down the time it takes to get ready. Additionally, the Flat Lay Makeup Bag also comes in various sizes, from mini to XL. 

M.A.C Pro Lip Palette 

Modern Browns M.A.C Pro Palette, $82 NZD. 

If you need a travel buddy or are tired of sorting through your lipsticks, try cutting down your collection with a high-quality lip palette that will last you a very long time. 

The Pro Lip Palettes from M.A.C offer variety while keeping your makeup collection to a minimum. In particular, the Modern Browns Palette shows off six iconic M.A.C nudes, browns and mauves. It also includes a variety of different formulas, including matte, satin and lustre finishes. The M.A.C Modern Browns Palette is a neutral dream full of possibilities. 

Furthermore, while one M.A.C lipstick will set you back $35, the six-pan palette will only set you back $82 – a complete steal! 

Aleph Onyx Gel Liner 

Aleph, Onyx Gel Liner, $59 NZD. 

If you love a good wing liner, try switching to a gel formula. While pencils and liquids dry out quickly, a gel formula will last much longer. This way, you can get a fresh line every time without worrying about any dragging or skipping on the eyelids. You can also save a tonne of money by investing in a gel liner, as you won’t have to keep repurchasing as you would with a liquid or pencil. 

Our current favourite is from New Zealand’s very own Aleph Beauty. It has a fluid texture that doesn’t harden or crack like traditional gel eyeliners. The water-based formula also ensures that you can create sleek liquid-liner-esque wings. 

Hourglass Curator Five Shadow Palette 

Hourglass Curator Five Shadow Palette, $27 NZD, Hourglass Curator Eyeshadow, $49 NZD. 

One sure way to get the best value out of eyeshadow palettes is to create them yourself. That’s how you can avoid the issue of not using certain shades from premade palettes. The Hourglass Curator range can make your dreams come true with its customisable palettes and single-pan eyeshadows. 

All you need to do is pick your favourite shades from the Hourglass eyeshadow range and pop them into the empty Curator Shadow Palette. It is the perfect solution for people who don’t need 12 or 15 eyeshadows or want to save some space in their makeup bag. Not to mention that you can easily replace your most-used shades without having to purchase a whole new palette! Plus, every shadow is of top Hourglass quality and blends effortlessly.

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