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15 November 2022

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The state of our home environments can undoubtedly alter mood and mindset. It’s where we seek our comfort and spend a lot of our downtime so it’s no wonder that we want them to reflect who we are as people.

It can be hard to make the right decision when purchasing home decor. Will this clutter my space? Does it suit myself and my home? Will I get enough use out of it? To streamline your research, we’ve found a variety of multi-functional products that can make all the difference in the feel of a space. Do yourself a favour and make the most out of your home with these 5 practical yet pretty homewares.

Maison Balzac Coucou Carafe in Amber, from FABRIC

Historically, carafes have been used to serve indulgent beverages like wine. Unlike a pitcher, a carafe doesn’t have a handle, making it the perfect versatile piece of decor. When it isn’t being used to serve mimosas to guests, or as a bedside water vessel, a carafe is the perfect holder for some simple florals. The serene simplicity of some poppies or tulips in a translucent coloured carafe can’t be beaten. This Maison Balzac one is especially good – the colour suited perfectly to add dimension to a tonal room.

Sans x Temuka Pottery Ceramic Tube Stand

There’s nothing worse than the pile up of skin and body care in a chaotic bathroom drawer. Product packaging gets sticky, you lose things to the back of the drawer only to rediscover them 6 months later when they’ve expired, and it’s just an overall pain. This ceramic tube stand is the chicest way to display your favourite product in the bathroom within easy reach, helping you get the most product out of the packaging too.

Bauhaus Tomo Side Table

Tomo Side Table, $199

In small apartments or busy households with kids, finding space for a considered display of personality can be hard. The current trend is leaning into zero storage side tables made from blocks of stone or plastic but as that’s bulky with no functionality, we suggest the Bauhaus Tomo Side Table. Inspired by Japanese design, it allows a separate space to place your favourite things on display without interfering with the functionality of the table-top. You get the singular block effect as it’s bottom heavy while utilising its volume. And not only is it consciously made with recycled materials, it is also super light weight and can double as a stool making it a perfectly versatile addition to any room.

Basket Storage

Baskets, $22.99

Unfortunately, sometimes, things you’d prefer to be hidden just have to be out on display. Rogue chords, couch throws, cleaning products on your kitchen sink, the list goes on. Instead of shoving them in a corner and feeling dissatisfied with the aesthetic, look into some storage options like these metal basket holders. These baskets come in a range of different sizes and colours to match any decor, and have handles for easy transportation. And you can also encourage your little one to pick up their toys scattered throughout the room. They’re great to organise your wardrobe, storage area and if you have shelves in your living area or bedroom, lining up three to four baskets on the bottom shelf is a great way to throw random objects in there. You can always opt for an opaque basket to suit the palette of your home.

Shaken & Stirred 1000 Piece Puzzle

Puzzle, $59.99

The idea of practicality kind of goes out the window when you’re talking about a puzzle – 1000 pieces is a lot and it can be left on your table for weeks on end. But in our strive for functionality in the home, this puzzle can be seen as a buildable art piece that won’t look out of place on a dining table. It will be a conversation starter for sure, and is the chicest, sweetest venture for a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Sitting Pretty Design Hooks

Dandie Store Hooks, $109

Elevating your space is made easier by seeking out double-agent decor. Pieces that can do both – they’re useful, and easy on the eye. These wall hooks from Sitting Pretty Design come in a huge range of colours and sizes to match any interior, and the brand name says it all. Leave the hooks to act as art and sit pretty on their own, or utilise the most fun looking hooks for your go-to jackets and bags.

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