5 beauty chores to refresh your routine during lockdown

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1 January 1970

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Make your beauty regime work for you during lockdown and use the extra time at home to your advantage.

It could be experimenting with and perfecting a new look, undertaking essential maintenance or completing one of those niggly jobs you’ve been putting off for ages. Check out this list for inspo.

1 Clean your make-up brushes

Arguably every make-up junkies’ must hated task, but an absolutely critical one. Even if you haven’t been wearing make-up while at home, your tools could always do with a good wash.

Dirty brushes can harbour bacteria, which can cause breakouts, and clean brushes apply make-up far better than ones that aren’t. Don’t worry if you don’t have a special brush cleaner, just use shampoo, then rinse thoroughly, squeeze out the excess and allow brushes to dry lying flat in the sun.

Lying them flat and not standing up means that water won’t drip down into the handle and ruin it.

2 Do a hair mask

Most of us are in such a rush when having a shower, we rarely have time to treat hair to a mask. They can deeply nourish, treat and hydrate your locks and drastically improve its overall condition.

After shampooing, apply the mask to your mid-lengths and ends (or all over if hair is extremely dry) and leave it in for the recommended time before rinsing thoroughly. While it’s penetrating, use the time to clean the shower, shave your legs or do a body exfoliation.

3 Do a beauty product audit

Now’s the time to go through those cupboards and drawers, pull everything out and sort it carefully. Throw away any expired make-up or skincare – all products have a little box logo on the side with a number on it, which indicates how many months they’re good for, once opened. Get rid of anything you know you won’t use again and the arrange everything left into categories – future you will love this.

4 Practice a tricky technique

Struggling to perfect a complicated make-up look? You have all the time in the world to master it in lockdown. Plus, you can just wipe it off and start again, with no pressure to have it looking flawless before going out. Whether it’s a liquid liner flick, a precision bold lip or blending brightly coloured eye shadow, you’ll be a pro with a little practice.

5 Do a DIY Mani

While nail salons are closed, treat yourself to a basic manicure. Start by removing any old nail polish, pushing back cuticles and massaging in oil – nourished cuticles means strong, healthy nail growth. Apply hand cream and work into hands, to make them super soft and supple. Apply a base coat to protect nails, then two coats of your favourite colour. Finish with a topcoat to ensure a chip-free finish that lasts.

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