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1 January 1970

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Start each morning with a conscious, considered beauty routine. Making this daily ritual part of your self-care regime – and using trusted, hardworking brands to pamper, protect and nourish – will set you up for the day in a positive way.

While there has been a focus on excessive multi-step routines in the past, many women have now undertaken a skincare “detox” to create a more pared-back, simple process that doesn’t overload and overwhelm their skin and body. Choosing effective products that contain naturally derived and ethically made ingredients is not only a great step towards living a more mindful life, it’s also good for the planet.

1. Cleanse and invigorate

Wake skin up with a splash of cold water. This revives and refreshes and is a much better choice than hot water, which can disturb the skin’s barrier and dry it out. When it comes to cleansing, dehydrated skin will benefit from a rich, balm-like formulation, while combination complexions require a balancing cleanser that won’t strip away essential moisture.

2. Treat and brighten

When skin is still damp, apply your serum. This is the step to address any skin concerns you might have. Autumn is the perfect time to deal with any pigmentation or dark spots caused by summer sun, so look for one containing vitamin C.

3. Moisturise and massage

All skin types need moisturiser to plump and hydrate, especially during the change of seasons when the humidity drops. As you apply, give yourself a quick facial massage – this is the perfect way to get rid of puffiness and dullness, increase blood flow and encourage lymphatic drainage. Make sure to be gentle and try not to drag the skin as you move up and out in sweeping motions – and don’t forget your neck and décolletage!

4. Prime and protect

Using an SPF every single day gives optimum skin protection and fights the UVA and UBA rays that prematurely age skin. There are many excellent zinc-based physical sunblocks available, which provide highly effective natural protection.

5. Brush with confidence

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile is the essential last step in an expertly simple routine. Clean and protect teeth with Colgate’s new Smile for Good toothpaste. The natural and vegan-friendly toothpaste comes in Colgate’s recyclable tube and is made with ingredients of 99.7% natural origin.

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