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1 January 1970

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The quality of home hair colour has come along in leaps and bounds and is a no-brainer for anyone in lockdown, on a tight budget or who is super time poor.

While putting in your own highlights takes lots of practice, women who have just a single, all-over colour put through their locks will love how incredibly easy the process is. Here are our best tips for getting the best result.

1 Prepare in advance

Make sure absolutely everything is laid out and ready to go before you begin, so that you’re not digging into boxes or the linen cupboard for towels with dye-stained gloves on.

2 Dress for success

Get yourself into extremely old clothes and ideally a button-down top, so that you can get it off easily before you jump into the shower to rinse hair.

3 Prepare your surroundings

Cover the bathroom surfaces with newspaper or old towels as no matter how careful you are, dropped blobs of dye is almost a given.

4 Patch test

Always, always do a patch test prior. This lets you can rule out experiencing any kind of allergic reaction and ensures the colour you’ve chosen goes to plan.

5 Consider your hair type

If you have extremely thick or long hair, use two boxes of dye so that you are able to thoroughly coat every last strand.

6 Remember layering

Remember that dye over dye always goes darker, so keep this in mind if your hair is already coloured and you’re trying to decide on a shade.

7 Sectioning is a must

Sectioning your hair is absolutely critical in achieving an even result. Make sure you have some sectioning clips and up and always start at the roots.

8 Bring in the vaseline

Apply lip balm or Vaseline around your hairline to avoid any tell-tale forehead staining.

9 Get prepped for cleaning

Keep some makeup or cleaning wipes handy to wipe away any spills straight away.

10 Watch the roots

If it’s greys you’re worried about and aren’t certain about committing to a DIY dye job, use a root touch up spray to tide you over until you get a hair appointment. They’re available from the supermarket and pharmacy.

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