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31 December 2022

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Dec 22 – Jan 19

Capricorn Ingress December 22, the summer solstice, 9.48am NZT

The Sun moves into the Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn and the Southern Hemisphere celebrates the longest day of the year. Ruled by the planet Saturn, the father of time and the lord of Karma, Capricorn energy is structured and disciplined. Those born under the influence of the mountain goat are ambitious, orderly and practical – they are hard taskmasters, but ask more of themselves than they do of others. The Capricorn call sign is “I use”.

Many happy returns, Capricorn Woman. Your birthday month is as busy this year as it is every year – you have a “full house” of planets followed by a stimulating New Moon on December 23. You have the wheel and the planets are on your side, so you can relax. Mercury/communication and Venus/relating are hand in hand in your sign, this congenial pairing will guide you through the rough spots, and calm the waters when the emotional Moon passes over manipulative Pluto on December 25. Don’t buy into other people’s expectations! Mercury turns retrograde on December 29 – disrupted travel plans and reorganization are likely so keep things as fluid as you can. Mars/action turns direct on January 8, and ruler Saturn pulls away from his nemesis Uranus ending two years of niggle, allowing a sweet new breeze to blow as you enter a new working year. Enjoy your break Capricorn woman, it is well-deserved. 


Jan 20 – Feb 18
Most signs don’t respond well to a solar month with little planetary action, but for you, it is balm to your soul – play your “detach” card and get on with things. Your rulers Saturn/Uranus, ancient and modern, continue their background hostility; by now you are adept at managing change versus the status quo so ride it out and concentrate on the good things. The New Moon on November 26 highlights your all-important area of friends and groups, with good vibes from Saturn to Venus/relating and Mercury/communication and Mars/action, it’s the perfect time to network. The Full Moon on December 8 will put the spotlight on kids and creativity. From December 13 onwards there are only petty niggles – it is some brilliant connections to Uranus which will take the month out in style! 


Feb 19 – Mar 20 
You are the sign of options – two fishes, two directions and two rulers. Traditional ruler Jupiter is in fiery Aries, and money is the focus – with a terse connection to the authoritative Sun, watch your spending, even on Christmas treats! Modern Neptune is spiritually inclined; the focus is your personal well-being, with no bothersome planetary interference for the whole month. However, there is an emotional undercurrent on Christmas Day, a connection between Venus and Neptune, that makes you the peacemaker – just don’t make it your problem! Mercury turns retrograde on December 29 and will impact all signs. Plans will be disrupted, but don’t stress, just buy into the good vibes surrounding you. Close off old issues at the full Moon on January 7, and enjoy the rest of an exceptionally good month. 


Mar 21 – Apr 19
A busy month! A team of planets led by the Sun, with business-orientated Capricorn in your professional sector, Jupiter planet of growth and expansion in Aries in your “personal” house, makes the buzzword “work”, not “holiday”. Perfect for the holiday or travel industries or even working through the national summer shutdown. But if it’s a planned summer at the beach with the kids and extended family – run it like a project, keep your hand on the tiller and don’t be afraid to delegate. There is edgy emotional tension on Christmas Day, compliments of a Moon-Pluto, ride it out – and brace for travel delays when tricky Mercury goes retrograde on January 29. Mars turns direct on January 13, you’re already ahead of the game, this puts you on the fast track.


Apr 20 – May 20
There is a decidedly old-fashioned flavour to the first half of your month, with Venus in Capricorn, and the focus is on philosophical, spiritual and orthodox matters. The aesthetic side of Venus is not happy in serious Capricorn but the simpatico between the Earth signs means things run smoothly. A Uranus/Venus/Mercury connection is perfect for adding individual touches to your festivities. On December 29, Mercury turns retrograde, putting travel plans under threat. With a pending Venus/Pluto link emotions could run high, so be ready and keep your cool. On January 3 Venus moves into Aquarius and links with Mars/action; the focus shifts and you can plan ahead. The Full Moon will close off the old, and you can enjoy the rest of the month.


May 21 – Jun 21
You are being pulled in two directions this month. Ruler Mercury is in stable, structured Capricorn, indicating serene management of everything, including Christmas, while Mars/action is retrograde in your personal house, in extremely variable sign Gemini, in super multitasking mode. It’s an oil and water mix; deal with them on a one-on-one basis. Each will do their job well. Mercury retrogrades on December 29, affecting travel plans – this is not personal, it’s universal – roll with it. Mars and Venus link on January 3 – nice for general interaction and great for personal relationships. Mars turns direct on January 13. With little planetary interference it’s full steam ahead to the end of the month and into the new working year. 


Jun 22 – Jul 22
If the Capricorn solar month is usually big for you, expect this one to be huge! The New Moon on December 23 is loaded with planets in Capricorn and falls in your sector of other people. The vibes are good but come with excess pressure, step back, sometimes not every detail can be managed. On Christmas Day afternoon the Moon passes over Pluto (master of disruption) – nip emotional niggles in the bud, don’t let them escalate. Mercury turns retrograde on December 29 with the potential to upset everyone’s holiday plans, so be ready to rearrange your schedule. The Full Moon on January 7 brings the focus back to you and will bring some unfinished business to a close. A structured, energised Third Quarter Moon will bring the holiday mode to a natural end. 


Jul 23 – Aug 22 
Jupiter, the planet of benevolence, wisdom, luck, expansion and other good things has moved into fiery Aries and is in a challenging relationship with your authoritative ruler the Sun. Practical Capricorn energy will provide some counterbalance, but you need to be on guard against overindulgence, especially as Uranus, the planet that enjoys upsetting the apple cart, joins between Christmas and New Year’s Eve – be on guard! The Sun/Jupiter connection dissolves on January 1, the Sun meets up with Mercury/communication, and the Uranus connection changes from dubious to inspirational – perfect if you are thinking ahead. The Full Moon on January 7 will put your daily routine under the spotlight with a reminder that personal time is as important as time devoted to others.


Aug 23 – Sep 22
Ruler Mercury is in compatible fellow Earth sign Capricorn. The focus is on creativity, children and fun. Nimble-footed Mercury is travelling with the lovely Venus, making communication easy and fluid. You will be busy but the approach to Christmas is smooth. On December 29 Mercury gets within a hair’s breadth of bossy Pluto before turning retrograde – not good if you have New Year travel plans because they will likely be derailed! Mercury is close to the Sun at the Full Moon on January 7, making it personal to you, with kids and friends highlighted. Make the most of it, close off unfinished business and move forward without baggage. The month will drift to a close without issue, meaning a good start to the new year. 


Sep 23 – Oct 22
An easy start to the month with Venus in practical Capricorn with Mercury/communication, great for organising during a busy time. Good vibes from Uranus and Neptune (innovation and inspiration), promise sparkle over Christmas. Venus closes in on manipulative Pluto on December 27; expect an under-current, especially as travel plans could be disrupted when Mercury turns retrograde on December 29. The inconvenience is fast-moving, as Venus moves into Aquarius on January 3, links into Mars/action in Gemini, and the focus shifts to action and fun. The Full Moon on January 7 highlights family with an opportunity to draw a line under lingering issues. Venus moves to Saturn on January 17 and a good month ends nicely. 


Nov 23 – Dec 21
Mars, your traditional ruler, starts the month retrograde in airy changeable Gemini. This may be unsettling for your more emphatic disposition, but there is little pressure, and you have nothing to lose in being open to new ideas. Modern ruler, Pluto, master of change, evolution and regeneration is hand in glove with Mercury/communication and Venus/relating until about January 7 – this backs up the theme of change, but it’s important to note that – this is developmental rather than a directional. Pluto and the Moon come together on Christmas day, meaning an emotional undercurrent at an already heady time but it passes quickly. Mercury turning retrograde on December 29 may rearrange travel plans. It’s an okay month – the niggles are superficial and transitory!  


Nov 22 – Dec 21
Ruler Jupiter has turned direct and moved from nebulous, watery Pisces into assertive, fiery Aries. The focus is on creativity, kids and fun, and you are ready to roll after some introspective months. Temper your enthusiasm with wisdom around money matters, especially because it is Christmas! Mercury turns retrograde on December 29 so holiday travel plans will be under pressure – be prepared with a Plan B. Venus/relating connects with Jupiter on January 1 and moves into Aquarius on January 3. This is great for communication and networking, either work-related or just enjoying the company of friends. The Full Moon on January 7 will draw a line under the indecision of the last year. Progress with vigour and enthusiasm and if you are prudent with financial matters the new wind will serve you well. 


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