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3 October 2023

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Jacinda Ardern gives her top tips for when she packs her suitcase and takes a holiday with her loved ones.

First trip I remember:
It wasn’t my first holiday memory, but probably my most memorable as a kid. Opononi! We drove the five hour trip from Morrinsville with Mum and Dad playing The Carpenters on repeat. It was the first time I learnt to fish – sprats off the wharf with bamboo poles. I was so excited by my catch I went home and drew my own picture of it.

Best trip:
I can’t go past simple summer holidays at New Zealand beaches. But my best overseas trip was probably Japan with Clarke some years ago. It was one of our first trips together and I loved it.

Worst trip:
Possibly Opononi. The fishing was great but the Iraq was broke out and Mum and Dad spent the rest of the holiday watching it unfold. Mum then got a stomach bug. It was downhill from there.

Place that surprised me most:
It was never a surprise to me that I would love the East Coast, what did surprise me is how quickly it became a second home. I grew up going to Whangamata and The Mount but now summer doesn’t feel right without a trip to Gisborne or Mahia.

Biggest womp womp:
I have a few travel disasters. I used to travel a lot when I was the president of an international youth organisation. Once on my way to Peru, a colleague and I had a stopover in Florida. He managed to leave his laptop and wallet in a cab. We spent 24 hours calling every cab company in the city. It was not a good time!

Favourite holiday outfit:
Anything that’s not a suit.

Regrettable holiday outfit:
Every outfit I wore in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. There was a lot of fluoro and lycra.

Person I most like travelling with:
Clarke and Neve. Neve loves the water like her Dad and it’s such a joy.

Person I would jump off a moving train to avoid travelling with:
I’ve not yet found anyone I wouldn’t travel with again!

Cheese scone, meat pie or sausage roll?
Cheese scone in the morning. Meat pie in the afternoon.

Backpack, wheelie bag or suitcase?

Bikini, one-piece or mumu?
Shorts and a t-shirt!

Stilettoes, sneakers or jandals?

Favourite holiday read:
Anything that isn’t a Cabinet Paper. Realistically these days it’s likely to be something I can share with Neve but Im also partial to spy novels, books about Antarctic exploration and basically anything written by Kiwis!

Best-kept secret in New Zealand (that I’m willing to share):

Most Instagrammable vista:
The top of Mokotahi Hill at Mahia.

No-holds-barred dream holiday:
I’ve always wanted to visit Antarctica. It’s such a special place and the history of it has been a long-held passion.

Back-to-real-life next holiday:
This will be a Christmas when we plan to spend some downtime as a family on the East Coast.

Holiday when you’re not having a holiday:
Reading a bookAn actual book.

Tips for travelling with a toddler:
I’m not going to lie – it’s a screen!

Don’t let me leave the house without:
Sadly, my phone.

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