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1 January 1970

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Here’s what the team at Woman have been watching while stuck at home.

The White Lotus

Watch on Neon

Rich white people behaving atrociously? Yes, please. Like nearly everyone else on the planet, I binged The White Lotus and now can’t stop banging on about this blackly comic story of wealthy families on holiday at a Hawaiian resort – and a death that’s revealed over six episodes. It’s this year’s Tiger King, but even better. And I’m so late to the party, almost everyone has gone home, but Mare of Easttown (also on Neon) had me from the opening credits. Kate Winslet knocks it out the park in her role as a small-town cop wrestling with her demons. Sharon Stephenson, Senior Editor


Watch on Neon

Every now and then a thriller comes along that is better than the rest. Often in a foreign language – I’m pleased to say that this one is not, which means you don’t have to focus and speed read. It’s late 1970’s London. Sadie is a tough undercover cop taking on high-risk jobs, and is barely recognised for her courage and the horrendous situations she has to infiltrate. When a young woman is killed in a park, Sadie is asked to pose as “Lizzie”, a potential victim, in order to coax an evil deviant sexual predator – and possible serial killer – out into the open. This is English drama at its best. It’s dark, terrifying and intriguing. In four parts, Neon has drip fed this dark beauty each Sunday, but hopefully you’ll be able to binge all at once. Polly Gillespie, Columnist


Watch on Apple TV+

Loved this! Physical was a perfect lockdown weekend binge. I gobbled it all at once – which is ironic, because the show’s troubled star Sheila (Rose Byrne) is a binge eater. Sheila is a beautiful but miserable 1980s San Diego housewife looking for purpose, and finds it via – wait for it – aerobics. Cue legwarmers and lycra! As Sheila supports her husband’s campaign for political office, she struggles with her own demons, and viewers eavesdrop on her hilarious inner dialogue. But she finds herself through aerobics, makes budget recordings and becomes a video superstar. Physical got a lot of shade from critics, but it’s funny and moving and I churned through the 10 snappy half-hour episodes. The ’80s styling deserves its own Emmy. (I’m thinking about getting a spiral perm.) Sido Kitchin, Editor

Dr Death

Watch on TVNZ OnDemand

We have been loving Dr Death, a mind- blowing true story about a case in the States involving a neurosurgeon who you would not want operating on you. The all-star cast makes it even more appealing, with Joshua Jackson playing the manic Dr Duntsch, and Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater as the other doctors attempting to bring him to justice. Amy Houlihan, Beauty Editor

Nine Perfect Strangers

Watch on Amazon Prime Video

I’m probably in a very small group, but I actually never got around to reading the book – always wanted to, never did. As luck would have it, I’m thrilled I didn’t as I’m totally on the edge of my seat with this mysterious yet beautifully put together series. Nicole Kidman is captivating as ever, and the rest of the cast is so on point. It’s got some similarities to The White Lotus for me, which I also loved! And I knew within the first 10 minutes that this was going to be a great watch. Safe to say I binged all of the episodes that were available and I’m eagerly waiting for more. Georgia Bews, Director, Brands & Media Solutions

The Chair

Watch on Netflix

With just six 30-minute episodes, I easily devoured his new Sandra Oh comedy- drama series in one sitting! The Killing Eve star plays Professor Ji-Yoon Kim, the newly appointed chair of the English department at a prestigious university. As the first female and first person of colour to hold the position, she’s excited to make changes – but didn’t anticipate having to do damage control for her best friend and fellow professor Bill, or contemplate forcing three senior lecturers into retirement at the dean’s command. And all this while struggling to connect with her adopted daughter Ju Ju. Sandra’s performance is, as usual, amazing, but the highlight of this show for me was definitely Holland Taylor as badass Chaucer expert Joan. Jennifer Reynolds, Chief Sub-editor

Modern Love

Watch on Amazon Prime Video

If you’re looking for some bite-sized escapism of the romantic kind, check out this series, which originates from a column of the same name that’s been running in The New York Times since 2004. Each episode tells a different tale of contemporary romance, often starring famous actors (my favourite episode in the first season features Tina Fey and Mad Men’s John Slattery as a couple who rebuild their failing marriage by playing a lot of tennis). Although the series is almost exclusively set in New York, the new season includes two episodes that were filmed in Ireland: one with Minnie Driver (remember Circle of Friends!) whizzing through the Irish countryside in a vintage sports car; another set in Covid times with Kit Harrington (looking only slightly less pained than he does in Game of Thrones) sporting a Dublin accent. Rachel Clare, Garden columnist

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