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While we can accept that organised sport isn’t for everyone, we need to weigh that against research that says 90 percent of girls want to be active and figure out what’s holding them back.

For someone who lives their life in sport, I have a love-hate relationship with exercise. The problem is, I have a love-love relationship with food and wine and my output too often doesn’t match my input. I know exercise is good and I know I feel great afterwards, physically, but more importantly mentally, yet it takes a pep talk to get my shoes on and out the door every single time.

The past year of this godforsaken pandemic has led me to a place of being very unhealthy and unhappy with how I look and feel. Exacerbated by a public job where I sometimes have to see myself on TV, I’ve got into a pretty grim spiral of, well, just feeling a bit gross.


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