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31 July 2023

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You know that I’m a big fan of self-help and personal development books. Well, the book “Leap To Wholeness: How The World Is Programmed To Help Us Grow, Heal And Adapt” presents a fresh and captivating view. 

Nelson-Isaacs is not your ordinary personal development guru. Picture a brilliant physicist as he is quite literally a physicist with a focus on quantum physics. Nelson-Isaacs is an explorer of the mind and the cosmos and uses this book to effortlessly blend his scientific background with a deep understanding of human consciousness, creating a delightful and engaging reading experience.

With a sprinkle of cosmic insight and a pinch of quantum physics, Nelson-Isaacs takes readers on an enlightening journey of self-discovery, offering a unique perspective on how the universe conspires to support our growth, healing, and adaptation. The question which was the premise of this book, was “how do we get something out of everything?”. 

Leap to wholeness

Not to get all quantum physics on you, but this book’s key differentiation factor is understanding some basic quantum physics concepts such as entanglement, superposition, and probability. 

Entanglement means that two or more particles are correlated in such a way that their states become interdependent, regardless of distance between them.

Superposition means that a system can exist in multiple states simultaneously until they are measured or observed. An example of superposition in Schrodinger’s cat experiment, where there is a sealed box containing a cat, a vial of poison, and a radioactive atom with a 50% chance of decaying within a certain time frame. The cat is considered to be both alive and dead simultaneously until somebody opens the box and makes a measurement, which will then collapse the superposition into a definitive state. 

Probability states that it is impossible to determine the exact outcome of certain measurements with certainty. Instead, we use probabilities to describe the likelihood of various outcomes. The mathematical framework of quantum mechanics allows us to calculate the probabilities of different measurement results based on the wave function, which describes the quantum state of a system. 

So How Does This Relate To Us As People In Everyday Life?

Nelson-Isaacs uses the existence of these quantum concepts to note that we all exist as correlated factors, but there is an inability to determine an exact outcome at all times. 

In that same vein, we all have filters and receptors that influence what we see, hear, think and feel. They take what we are as a whole, but restrict, shape and limit what we know to what we are comfortable with, what we know, and how we can grow. 

Nelson-Isaacs encourages us to pay attention to the subtle signs, synchronicities, and intuitive nudges that guide us towards wholeness. “Synchronicities” refer to meaningful coincidences or events that seem to be interconnected in a significant way, even though they may not have a causal relationship. To give you an example of this, say one night, you’re contemplating a career change and feeling unsure about your current job. Then, while scrolling on your phone, you come across an article about someone who took a leap of faith and pursued their passion. Given where your head was, it’s likely that the article will resonate with you deeply, and that you feel inspired by their story. Later that same day, you receive an unexpected phone call from an old friend you haven’t spoken to in years. During the conversation, your friend mentions that they recently made a career change and are now doing something they love. The friend then also expresses how much happier and more fulfilled they feel since making the switch. 

Here, the meaningful coincidence of stumbling upon the article and receiving the phone call from your friend, which both relate to the underlying theme of career change and pursuing one’s passion, could be seen as a synchronicity. It goes beyond mere chance but is as if the universe is providing you with signs and encouragement to explore your own career path.

The book notes that the universe is interconnected, and demonstrates how embracing uncertainty and tapping into the power of intention can lead us to remarkable breakthroughs and profound healing as we are more aware of our filters. From this awareness, we naturally flow and are more open, which means we have less anxiety. We begin to leverage the synchronicities instead of fear them.

Although the concepts of this book are complex, his casual and conversational style makes even the most abstract ideas accessible. If you’re looking for a refreshing and optimistic perspective mixed in with some science backed research and witty storytelling, this book is a great find which reminds us that the universe is conspiring to help us grow, heal, and adapt.

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