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June Energy Forecast from Gaia Chinniah

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29 May 2023

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Gaia Chinniah is an internationally known healer, medium and spiritual coach. She founded Soul 33 a healing company and the modality of Soul Progression Therapy. Using the energetic cycles and seasons to set your goals, heal and manifest what you want in life is such a powerful tool to help us to navigate life daily without resistance. To use this June Energy Forecast, review once in its entirety and then at the beginning and end of each week remind yourself what the energy of the week is asking of you.

Week 1: May 29- June 4

This first week of June there is a series of things coming together to give you an opportunity to find a path and not feel aimless in your direction. You are being asked this week to prioritise. Prioritise your relationship with yourself, with your partner and with whoever means something to you. There are things coming together which require you to surrender to the process of life and really experience what life means which is to love! You might need to be creative with your approach or physically create something this week. You may also want to seek out some honest wisdom from a nurturing figure who you trust to help you understand what you are trying to achieve in life and also have a feel into what/how you can pay it forward as an act of charity or generosity as a gesture of kindness.

June Energy Forecast from Gaia Chinniah
Card of the Week: Faith

The Faith card comes up this week to remind you that you are being prepared for something more in your life. What you can’t see yet is there and you need to have faith that it’s on the way.

Full Moon: June 4

A ripe strawberry full moon will be in the sky to promote the healing of feeling lost and not knowing the way to go. Your mission will start becoming clearer from this moon phase forwards. Used in the right way and with aligned intention; more abundance in the fullness of life will be on its way to you, especially around the matters of love and relationships.

Week 2: June 5-11

Something that has been repeated in your life may crop up but this time there might be some sudden change which will remove any filters preventing you from seeing what you are meant to be doing. Any questions you had about something will start to be answered. What it will do is give you a new sense of communicating or doing things differently. What may have seemed impossible to change or have a breakthrough about is going to be made possible. This week you are being asked to put someone else’s needs above yours and follow your heart back to simplicity and weightlessness. Things that have seemed complicated are being asked to be stripped back. Follow your heart.

June Energy Forecast from Gaia Chinniah
Card of the Week: Break the Cycle

The break the cycle card has come up for you to remind you that things come up in life for you to change, grow and evolve. Whatever needs to be changed will be happening in your favour even if it may not seem like it right away.

Week 3: June 12-18

You are starting to go beyond the normal human limitations to reassess where you need balance and realignment in your life. When we go beyond our human limitations, we receive spiritual wisdom as to where we need to pause and gain new perspectives. The feminine energy is strong this week – if your role is that of wife, mother, sister or daughter you may want to review how you hear or listen to others in your life. You may need to be the counsellor or counselled this week. It may be the role you don’t normally play. Knowledge and wisdom will calm your mind this week.

June Energy Forecast from Gaia Chinniah
Card of the Week: Earth

The Earth card comes up this week to remind you that you are here on your earth journey to learn to move beyond your limitations. Earth is a place to experience and learn but you come with a lot of wisdom from beyond earth to help ease the mental load the earth journey can bring.

New Moon: June 18

We sometimes choose spontaneity and sometimes it just happens! This new moon brings about change which will make you really see how you are here on earth to be curious about how much spiritual power you have to transform life! Set intentions this moon phase from a balanced perspective – if it’s something you don’t normally do or want to inject some adventure in your life – intend it!

Week 4: June 19-25

The solstice falls on June 21 , and with the shortest day light hours for us as the start of a new season officially begins. Spiritually this is a very freeing week with inspiration, new opportunities and growth. A feeling of saying goodbye to your past and moving forward with vitality and wholeness. It is also international yoga day on the on June 21 and feeling that wholeness and alignment with the body and spirit can be heightened with a yoga practice this week. Self-compassion will be important this week.

Card of the Week: Water

The Water card comes up to ask you to flow with life and water what you want to grow.

Week 5: June 26- July 2

Sometimes we need to make some sacrifices in order to have abundance in our lives. This is the week to do that. This isn’t about tightening the purse strings; it may actually mean investing to bring in more. Try not to be defensive this week instead explore what it is that you are really asking for in another such as them showing your more commitment. Look to make connections rather than distance. You might find yourself needing to reach out to someone with a peace offering. Strength and commitment are your themes this week.

Card of the Week: Third Eye

You are being asked to look beyond the physical this week and dig deeper into why things are the way they are. Your intuition will guide you as to what sacrifice you need to make that will be worthwhile for you in the long run.

June is a month of things coming together and proof from life that you are on the right path or it will reveal how to get back on the path. This month follow your heart into priorities that will serve your soul and commitments that will benefit your relationships.

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