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11 January 2023

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Monthly Mantra – January 2023

Using the energetic cycles and seasons to set your goals, heal and manifest what you want in life is such a powerful tool to be able to navigate life daily without resistance. To use this forecast, review once in its entirety and then at the beginning and end of each week remind yourself what the energy of the week is asking of you.

WEEK ONE: January 1 – 8

Happy New Year! A new cycle begins for the whole world with endless possibilities of what 2023 could bring for you. At the start of this week there should be a focus on setting our self-care routine in place, many of us will be in retreat and recharge mode, and we want to be able to carry the ability to go to this space as and when we need to throughout the year ahead. What can you put in place that you can do for yourself and sustain in it all year long? We do not need a reason to recharge, we require it to avoid burning out, carving out time regularly will help. Meditation is the guidance that comes up this week to get into the routine of, start the year as you wish to continue it. Honour the Goddess within you.

Nurture yourself and hold onto the feelings of how good it feels when you feel rested, whole and complete. Perhaps your work life balance needs to be revisited and negotiated and boundaries set that you can adhere to that support that balance. What needs to change here? How can it be sustainable throughout the year ahead. 

You want to think about your potential this year too, reflecting and writing about yourself as a whole, conscious being and bringing in new paradigms to grow into that serve you well. Test your faith this week with new belief systems. Think of something you normally wouldn’t do or think you couldn’t do, and see if you can change the belief around that.

You may start seeing signs around you to give greater direction around which way to go now, validating these new beliefs.  In a relaxed state we are more likely to notice what life has in store for us and you are being asked to follow your genuine passion to lead you towards your truest nature.  

Getting on the same page as your partner in your love life will be something that may come up too, if you are single this means ensuring you are seeking a like-minded companion. This will be good preparation for the energy of Valentine’s Day next month as well. 

Full Moon –January 6

The first full moon for the year will have you thinking about home and family, the simple joys of the space you are in when you are relaxed. Reestablishing where you are in life and how you feel about it. Full moons are for releasing and letting go so if there is something you need to let go of physically to step into the new, do that this week. Write down any fears, consciously release them during your meditation practice, talk to a friend, or venture outside, raise your arms up and  imagine yourself physically releasing it to the energy of the full moon.

Blue tarrot card with feather on it and words 'Signs'
This card comes to remind you to notice the signs that you are being shown through your emotions and the physical signs you are receiving. Look out for them as they are giving you a road map of where to go next and what to do.

WEEK TWO: January 9 – 16

Timing in life is everything. We often become fearful when we cannot see how things are turning out or even if and when they will, but this week the reminder is to trust the timing and your inner knowing. The brain loves to chatter but the heart knows. 

Abundance is on the horizon for you, but this week is asking you to seek solutions and research your options. Where in your life are you looking for an answer? What options do you have available?  You might find yourself needing to weigh up the pros and cons of a situation. See your life as being in growing in the womb stage, being born again but this time with so much more information available to you. This is the best thing about having lived life, the ongoing experience we gain.

There is some urgency this week, not to rush but to seek out some options and not feel like you are aimlessly walking forward with no firm place to go. Don’t forget to have some fun as you are seeking solutions too. You might come across a solution you never even thought of.

 The timing you are looking for this week will be shown to you in synchronicities as you look around you. What is naturally coming towards you? Use your inner knowing to make a decision, only visit the past if you need to remember why you are doing what you are doing.

Pink tarrot card with the word Soul Progression on it and a person walking into the galaxy
This card comes up for you to remind you that what is coming up for you this week is to help you progress and evolve as a spiritual being. Things happening for you this week are to help you learn and make better decisions for the future.

WEEK THREE: January 16 – 22

There is a pathway forging this week which is taking you from the old to your new. You may be a bit weary from last week so be decisive and precise with your words as you communicate and be comfortable with being around different people and their opinions. We tend to like to hear opinions that reflect our own but often the mind expands when we hear the opinion of others.

There is balance to be found in sticking to your guns with what you want and opening your mind to what another is saying as it will help you in some way.  We can be comfortable with people even if their views are different. There is a dance or negotiation with people and life this week. What do you need to negotiate and who do you need to negotiate with?

There is a positive energy this week too, especially around finances. Maybe it’s the time to free yourself from the poverty mindset and do something more towards bringing in prosperity. It’s there for you, you just need to get out of the way of yourself. Love yourself!

You might find that you fall into bad habits this week. You set yourself up at the beginning of the month so get back on track with your self-care. Your mental health is key!

White tarrot card with the ocean on it and the word 'water'
The water card comes up to remind you to go with the flow this week, even if its uncomfortable it’s leading you where you need to go and any emotions that come up are for you to go back to a place of self-love.

NEW MOON: January 21

A new moon with the energy of change in the air. Reset yourself by setting intentions around your feelings rather than outcomes. If you find yourself in groups of people check in to see what you are feeling. Sometimes being around others reminds us of what is important and what we need to heal within ourselves. Intend positive change this new moon phase and allow what needs to arrive in your life the space to show up.

WEEK FOUR: January 23 – 31 

Rise above and see your life from a higher perspective. When we distance ourselves from the day to day of our life, we can see how far we have come.  We can also see the parts that everyone is playing to help us along. Be at peace with uncertainty, that is always a constant in life. Being around people is part of this week, socialising and/or working in a team but this week you may need to find some time alone to balance it out.

There is a change happening for you and it is a positive one. Be sure to listen to what people, yourself and life is asking you to hear and lead yourself accordingly.

What are your needs currently? Inject a bit of fun in your week too. Success is on its way.

Beige tarrot card with the word 'Back yourself'
This card comes up to remind you that sometimes you have to back yourself even if it feels like no one else understands. You know what you need and what you want!

In Summary

January is a time of weighing up information, being adjusted, positive changes and setting yourself up for the rest of the year. It is a ‘team’ focused month. Your team may be your partner, family, friends or colleagues. If you are lacking this team support perhaps seeking it out may be important. Use this month to set yourself up for 2023 and most importantly trust what you feel.

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