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20 December 2022

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New activities to try that’ll pull you away from your screen this summer

Screen time is higher than many of us would like and sometimes it feels like we can’t get away. A lot of Kiwis work on laptops, use phones to stay connected with friends and family, and unwind watching movies or TV shows on streaming platforms. It can’t be too good for our eyes, but it also isn’t good for our spirit. It is easy to get stuck in a loop and forget that there is a big and beautiful world outside of the digital space.

Don’t get us wrong, there is absolutely a time and a place for screen-time and the internet. We are so lucky to have the world at our fingertips and be able to communicate, connect, and learn the way we do online. So face-time your family, read an article from your favourite digital media, indulge in a slightly embarrassing Netflix show – just do it in moderation. We’ve had enough time trapped inside these past years, so give yourself a second to step back, breathe, and engage in a new activity that lights up a different part of your brain.

In an effort to reduce screen time, we’re advocating for a whole lot of hobby-hopping this summer. A new hobby will help you take a break from the daily-grind and allow a moment to refresh and recharge. Trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone is a scary but powerful feeling. If you need any more convincing, there is no better time to start taking charge of your spare-time than the start of a new year. New Year, New Hobbies, New You.

We’ve rounded up five epic screen-free activities, hobbies, and upskilling opportunities that you can give a go this summer.

DIY Jewellery

There is nothing quite like a successful DIY moment to boost your self-confidence. Bold, beaded jewellery is growing in popularity, so now is the perfect time to hit Auckland Beads and make your own unique piece. Visit them in Auckland or shop online – they have all the supplies you’d need to make beaded belts, earrings, necklaces and more. Your staple summer accessories can be dreamt up and made a reality, so use your imagination and let your creativity flow.

Cooking Classes

Whether you think of yourself as a ‘foodie’ or not, cooking skills are essential. I mean, we’ve got to eat! Upskilling in the kitchen is not only practical, but it can be incredibly fulfilling and therapeutic. Step away from the youtube tutorials and learn to master the Pad Thai you’ve never been able to nail with in-person cooking classes at Sachie’s Kitchen, or perfect your bread-making skills with a one-day New Zealand School of Food and Wine course. If you don’t have money to spare, simply set aside a day to go hard, trying new recipes from that cookbook you don’t open very often.


This may seem too obvious to bother mentioning, but you can never do too much reading. It is an excellent way to escape your mind for a bit, dive into a whole new world, and learn. Many of us read less and less as time goes by, so why not get back into the swing of it. Kindles are great – they’re so convenient and work out cheaper than buying brand new books. However there is something so special and satisfying about turning over that final page of a thick paperback. This summer, let’s support local second handbook stores like Hard To Find in Auckland, or Pegasus Books in Wellington in our quest to ramp up our reading.

DIY Macramé + Weaving Art

Macramé and Fibre artist Marcia runs Composed Confusion – an online store dedicated to her creations. Marcia offers private workshops perfect for a crafty day out with friends to make your own macramé creation in a fun and relaxed environment. She can bring everything to you, and customise the experience based on your skill level. Composed Confusion will cater to anyone so it could be a great way to learn a new crafty hobby.

Learn the Art of Foraging

Botanical artist Mamakan invites you to ponder about roots and ancestry by exploring the edible botanical history of Aotearoa New Zealand afresh. Make mother nature your new hobby and learn to ID native edible plants from their look, touch, taste, and smell with the botanical courses on offer. Fall in love with the power and complexity of nature and set yourself up for a higher level of well-being with this part art installation, part cooking lesson, part nature walk. 

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