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A day in the life of radio host Sharyn Casey: Radio, pilates and pop songs

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27 April 2021

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When radio host Sharyn Casey isn’t getting up to shenanigans on her weekday drive show on The Edge, she’s teaching her son lyrics to pop songs and staying mentally and physically fit by working out at the gym and doing Pilates.

I get up and the first thing I do is… check my emails and calendar for what I have on that day. Then I get my son Tyson up and ready for kindy.

Breakfast is usually… whatever is quick. I always stop at my fave café, Tosca, for a matcha latte with coconut milk – it’s hard to find a good one and they nail it.

My first look at my phone is… to text my husband Bryce at his work and say good morning.

My morning is spent… hanging with Tyson and dropping him off at kindy. Then I usually go and work out because it keeps my brain in a happy place. After that I go home and do some radio prep with my music up loud.

Lunchtime means… I’mat a midday prep meeting for our radio show. I usually have sushi from the shop by our work. It’s such legit sushi – I crave it!

By 2pm I’m… getting interviews or any extra bits ready for the radio show and bantering in the office. On Fridays we have a short basketball game before we go on air.

Most days I’ll be… trying to teach my son as many pop song lyrics as possible. We have the Space Jam theme song and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off ” down now, and he actually lets me join in – which isn’t the case with “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”.

Somedays I’m… in my happy place at Core Collective, doing reformer Pilates. It’s the best form of exercise because I have to concentrate on my breathing, and it’s a great workout as well. One of my best friends, Kate, owns the studio and she makes sure I turn up. It’s the best exercise for my brain.

At 5pm I’ll be… on air and getting up to shenanigans with my co-host Jayden [King]. When we’re off-air we’ll raid the vending machine for snacks or do some inappropriate dancing or singing.

I like to spend my evenings… hanging with Bryce once Tyson has gone to bed, watching TV and eating ice cream. On the weekends I like going out to dinner with my friends and having some time out.

But sometimes I’ll… do McDonald’s Friday where I Uber Eats McDonald’s, sit in my bed, watch TV, and share fries with my dog, Warren G.

I’m in bed by… 9:30/10pm.

My bedtime routine involves… Bryce telling me to brush my teeth. I keep playing on my phone on the bed until he tells me again, so then I brush my teeth, wash my face and read a chapter of my book. I’m reading Tom Sainsbury’s book at the moment and it’s the first book where I’ve laughed out loud on almost every page.

My dog Warren G… is the best wee pup, and is very intuitive and snuggly but a greedy diva if chips are on offer.

The one thing I would like to change about my routine is… to be able to go the gym as soon as I wake up. I really miss it, but I can’t do that now we have Tyson because Bryce is at work. So on the weekends, even if I’ve been out the night before, I’ll go to the gym when I wake up.

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