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MahMah Timoteo, Meagan Kerr and Siobhan Tumai


Impressive advocates for body liberation, MahMah Timoteo, Meagan Kerr and Siobhan Tumai have first hand knowledge when it comes to self-love. Here are their practical tips.Meagan Kerr wearing leopard print dress

Meagan Kerr.


Meagan Kerr

Change the media you consume. Unfollow diet pages or people who post before and after photos. I’ve got friends who are stuck in that diet cycle but, for my own mental and physical health, I need to not follow them and I need to not see that. You’re in control of the s*** you see and if what you see isn’t serving you, it’s gotta go.Siobhan Tumai wearing print striped shirt

Siobhan Tumai.


Siobhan Tumai

Take sexy nudes. I was so lucky to connect with someone who loved my body and made me feel sexy, so I started taking thirst-traps (enticing photos) for them. But then I realised it’s not actually about them, it’s about, “Wow, I’m actually looking at my own body and loving it”.

It doesn’t matter that I’m not a size 12 – this is my body, this is how I move through the world

Even if you take not-sexy photos, you can know what you look like from lots of different angles, and really look at every inch of your skin and be like, “I love all of that. It doesn’t matter that I’m not a size 12 – this is my body, this is how I move through the world”. Just being able to see that in your own media is really important.MahMah Timoteo

MahMah Timoteo.


MahMah Timoteo

But also being okay with the fact that when you look at it, you’re disgusted. There are days I don’t even like my body, but it’s about body neutrality and body peace and just being like, “I exist, and that’s OK for today”. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Do what makes your body feel good. Do what you want to do.

If that means you’re wrapped up in this [weight-loss] bulls***, we’ve all f***ing been there, so we have to hold space for people. We were all shown kindness and patience, and people, at some point, were tolerant with us. Just remember you always deserve love, celebration and respect. People just need to sit down and understand that, and nobody can tell you otherwise.

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