The significance of the Autumn Equinox

Written by: Gaia Chinniah. Photography: Rachel Lochhead

As the Earth’s axis aligns with the Sun, equal amounts of daylight and darkness cover the planet. This Equinox is more than a transition from seasons, it’s a festival of awakening and rebirth. As we transition from one season to the next we have deep change acknowledged by the arrival of the Equinox on March 20-21st. Beyond the change in seasons, this powerful moment holds deep spiritual significance, symbolising the soul’s rebirth, growth, and awakening, and all of this to mark an energetic shift to regain our personal power.

Renewal energy fills the air as the Earth readies us to go through shifts and awaken further into parts of us that have been lying dormant.  We will need some parts of us to be put aside to recharge for later and some parts of us opening up with a new breath of life. 

For those in the northern hemisphere going through the spring equinox the days grow longer, and the warmth of the sun returns with power to grow things. In the southern hemisphere we will be going into the cooler months which enable us to hibernate and grow our creations; still generating power but Autumn brings the focus on power and growth internally and spring brings that focus externally.

This awakening mirrors the rekindling of who we are and it’s quite common for many to go through spiritual upgrades, becoming more sensitive to the natural ebbs and flows of life which inspires new ideas, dreams, and a sense of aliveness and connection.

The Equinox also marks the beginning of the astrological new year. The energy of new beginnings, encouraging us to take risks, assert our will, and embark on courageous journeys, especially within, as that’s where it all begins.

Cultures worldwide have long recognised the March equinox as a time of balance, renewal, and new beginnings. Ancient civilizations celebrated it as a pivotal moment for growth and transformation, aligning with the Earth’s physical and spiritual rejuvenation.

Find Balance

The end of a season can be a tumultuous time, as the shift from an inward focus to outward growth or vica versa, it can create a sense of imbalance. However, with the Equinox, nature returns to perfect balance. 

As the Earth’s axis aligns with the Sun, equal amounts of daylight and darkness cover the planet. This phenomenon symbolises the harmony we seek in our spiritual and personal journeys.  It’s a reminder to recalibrate, finding harmony within ourselves as we embrace the transformative energy of spring.

This time is perfect for an inner clearing and purging: release what no longer serves you, anything that takes you off-balance. Reflect on the things you want to change.

Set Intentions

The Equinox offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature’s power and the cosmos’ wisdom. It’s a moment to reflect on our inner growth, release stagnant energies, and set intentions for the upcoming season.

Just as nature is cyclic so are the events in our lives. Experience a revival and find your true power by acknowledging what is coming up for you at this time. This change in season invites us to embrace new ideas, explore fresh possibilities, and allow dormant parts of ourselves to be reborn while other parts recharge.

Embrace a Fresh Start

A fresh start doesn’t mean ‘doing’ it can be the illumination within, bringing clarity to our desires and goals. The energy can be harnessed for personal growth, but clarity is essential. 

Trying out new ideas and activities during this season allows us to discern what truly resonates with our hearts. To change our routine. By doing so, we avoid the chaos of scattered energy and gain the power to transform our lives challenging different parts of us.

The equinox energy encourages us to be curious, trying out new activities and following our inspirations with a child-like spirit to come back into balance but with a sense of fulfillment.

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