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30 January 2024

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Gaia Chinniah is an internationally known healer, medium and spiritual coach. She founded Soul 33 a healing company and the modality of Soul Progression Therapy. Using the energetic cycles and seasons to set your goals, heal and manifest what you want in life is such a powerful tool to help us to navigate life daily without resistance. To use this February Energy Forecast, review once in its entirety and then at the beginning and end of each week remind yourself what the energy of the week is asking of you.

WEEK ONE: 1–11 February 

This is a powerful month! Starting with Chinese New Year and the transition into the powerful year of the dragon. There will be a recalibration of everything in our lives and this is the time to focus on what we have in front of us. The grass is green where you water it, and you are not anywhere else but right here in the present, so there is no need to search for something better. Right here is what needs to be watered and there are benefits to reap. 

The hustle has stopped for us to revisit what we have and if we are feeling burnt out it is because we have a New Moon inviting us to connect and acknowledge our emotions. Finances may come up, but we are being asked to look at them from a practical stand point of what we have now that we can build from. There is the beginning of something new with taking pride in our accomplishments and then making changes from there. You are flowing effortlessly into things you create and there is a positive outcome.

Card of the week: Movement

The Movement card comes up to connect us with the movement emotions can bring and how they can be used as a catalyst to create physical change. Emotions can set us free by expressing them in a way that can create this change.

New Moon in Aquarius – February 9

The beginning of a new cycle in our 2024 chapter. We will want to see new hope come to light and the expansion of what we have now. Set intentions this new moon that build on what you already have, but look to do it differently. What do you want to create effortlessly from what you have now and how will your emotions be used to support your growth?

WEEK TWO: 12 – 18 February

We can’t help but think about love and relationships in the week of Valentine’s Day. With this in mind, the overall energy for the week is working your creative magic to bring what you want forward! When we want something, we need to be able to give it to receive it. Relationships are not just romantic but there is an opportunity to serve and help others that makes them feel loved.

There are obstacles lifting but we need to ensure we are reflecting and learning from what we have done to use that knowledge to not repeat old patterns. This guidance is around both relationships with others and our relationship with money. This is a week to not be lazy with anything. If we want to see abundance and growth, then we need to take action. There is hope and positive energy to fill our cosmic egg with potential and infuse energy to recharge our connections with who and what is important.

Card of the week: Break the cycle

There are cycles breaking this week for the better! Step 1) Acknowledge what the cycle is 2) Know what you need to do 3) Take action and do something positive towards what you want. 

WEEK THREE: 19 – 25 February

Time to collaborate and work in a team. This week is not falling into the mentality that you need to do everything yourself to see it come into fruition. Lean into people spirit says and get some support! This is about letting go of the ‘ideal’ and loving yourself to ask for the help and support you need. There is a personal celebration that will offer possibilities and self-discipline to keep on moving forward with inspired action. You are either going to be the leader this week or find someone to lead you! Take some time to meditate to bring in inner harmony.

Card of the week: Renewal

There is a sense of renewal in the air with a new perception as to how you are being supported. 

Full Moon in Virgo – February 24

This full moon will be a time of releasing old paradigms that you have to do everything yourself. You might feel burdened or resentful around this time, but this is in order for you to get organised and have clarity in how you need help and support to get things done. Many hands make light work!

WEEK FOUR: 26 February – 3 March

Time to re-evaluate your expectations. Don’t be too hard on yourself or others. There is fertility in the air and its coming from your connection of feeling at home, being at home with people that feel like home. You will start to see an existing situation in a new expanded light, meaning that you may even been falling in love deeper or seeing someone that you have not seen in a while and seeing a part of them that you had not seen before. Situations and people will be showing their true nature and friendship is in the air too. You will see love present and someone who has your back step up.

Card of the week: Transformation

Transformation of situations and relationships are occurring for your highest good. 

February is an exciting month with lots of endings to start again. The common theme is death and rebirth in such positive ways of things coming together. Relationships have an opportunity to thrive and grow, new additions and expanded perspectives on life giving us the ability to create more and know that we are supported in our pursuits.

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