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September Energy Forecast From Gaia Chinniah

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28 August 2023

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Gaia Chinniah is an internationally known healer, medium and spiritual coach. She founded Soul 33 a healing company and the modality of Soul Progression Therapy. Using the energetic cycles and seasons to set your goals, heal and manifest what you want in life is such a powerful tool to help us to navigate life daily without resistance. To use this September Energy Forecast, review once in its entirety and then at the beginning and end of each week remind yourself what the energy of the week is asking of you.

Week One: August 28 – September 3

Mercury is currently in retrograde until September 14 and while there is nothing to worry about it’s a great opportunity for us to look within and re-evaluate our expectations versus reality.  What this means is that the first week of September will really allow us to clearly see and feel what our hearts are open to and not open to. We may have been wanting something and it shows up in a way that will require acceptance and openness from you to receive it. 

There may be a turning point for the better, especially when it comes to love. If something had felt like it was missing or disconnected, broken even, things are being put back together for a fresh cycle to begin. When things feel unaligned or if you feel you and someone else are not on the same page, it is because there is growth that is happening. Be brave this week and clear in your communication. Contemplate first before you open your heart to share so that you know its courage speaking and not fear. A week of some broken pieces being put back together.

Card of the week: Love

The love card comes up this week as this is about love in relationships and partnerships. You are being asked to put love first in relationships and in what you are doing for yourself in life. If you love it, you’re more inclined to find ways to make it work.

Week Two: September 4 – 10

We are still mending broken pieces this week and that may require some forgiveness. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of mending broken pieces with gold, making a new beautiful piece of art. This is what your life is asking of you. If you could break your fear or anxiety into pieces and mend it with forgiveness and peace – what would your life and work of art look like?

When things come to an end after you have tried it can bring up fear but it’s what you learn from that ending and what the new beginning is which is the progressive aspect of your journey. This week you are being asked to stay positive and be assured that what is happening is for your greatest good. It may be a great mystery but there are solutions presenting themselves for something greater that awaits you. It’s all part of the plan for you to receive more! Nurture yourself and don’t compare situations to past experiences, especially if there had been betrayal or loss in past situations. Be open to how this new situation is going to turn out.

Card of the week: Forgiveness

This card comes up to remind you that forgiveness of actions and past experiences will free you from the old patterns and bring you into the divine plan that’s waiting for you. Mend with forgiveness this week.

Week Three: September 11 – 17

Mercury Retrograde comes to an end this week and things start to become a bit clearer. You are being asked to be assertive and use your authority where needed but then to pull away and allow yourself to see objectively what you are only starting to now understand.

You may be starting to notice feelings of doing and being in the same situation over and over and then another declaration of some sort may need to be done. Wisdom comes from acknowledgement and understanding any conflicts, even inner ones. You are being asked to have an innocent view on life and conflicts, meaning that you have to go back to basics to explain something to someone and not assume they just know. Don’t be in it to win it necessarily, be in it to declare your feelings and feel like your contributions count. A good week to grow what you want and make progress where you have been feeling unseen.

Card of the week: Retreat

New Moon: September 15

A New Moon for your practical manifestations. These first two weeks of September are about the long terms goals so what you intend may take some time, but it will be worth it! It may be a conflicting New Moon with some confusion, so bring your manifestations to the practical, human things you want. 

Week Four: September 18 – 24

Bring in some carefree energy into the week. The focus is on security for long term success but without the pressure of making it happen. It’s about doing things but without really having any desperate energy on making it work. Just being devoted and optimistic. How can you protect what you have without it feeling like you are being threatened? You will be guided to do things a bit differently this week and the law of attraction is playing a big part. You attract what you are, so the more joy and delight you feel the more ease there will be in the manifestations from the week before. A good week to look at finances and long-term investments. Perhaps even investments for yourself that don’t include anyone else so that you feel like you are supporting your own growth without relying on anyone else. 

Card of the week: Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth – to grow spiritually we want to feel secure in who we are. This week as you work practically, you will spiritually be guided on what to do.

Week Five: September 25 – October 1

Choose the meaning you wish to have on decisions you need to make. Does it need to be hard or can it be just a part of the link you make to the next chapter. Step by step, every experience leads us into a new reality. You don’t need to rush but to have direction from your inner guidance. Make the most of your week and say yes to things that are going to help you transform, even if it feels scary. You are a mirror image of what you are receiving. If you like what you are getting say “more please” to the universe and if you don’t, look inside to see what needs to change in your thoughts to bring in a new reality. Trust what’s showing up.

Lots to reap and grow. If you love music, it often helps to shift energy and change moods. Use it to support you this month!

Full Moon: September 29

When we need to think too much we lose touch of what we feel. This full moon it’s a time to release what doesn’t serve us which also includes any over thinking. Only use your mind to change thoughts and solve any problems to align them with what you want, for everything else, what do you feel? 

Card of the week: Abundance

AbundanceThis card comes up to remind you that there is so much waiting for you and limitations are lifting in order for you to receive.

September seems to be a time of fresh beginnings. Old parts of us being released, decisions being made and putting things back together that need a fresh start from a practical perspective on long term goals.

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