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3 April 2023

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True crime podcasts continue to grace the top of best podcasts round-ups. There’s something particularly fascinating about listening to true accounts, and interviews with those involved in the crime process. Whether that be from the detectives, a recount from a family member, or even someone least expected – a crime scene cleaner (who knew that was a job!).

We’re always on the hunt for the most shocking stories, those keep-you-up-at-night recounts of what’s been happening just around the corner. We’ve compiled our top podcasts to get you started.

True Crime Conversations

Host and journalist Gemma Bath explores the depths of Australia’s most notorious crimes. We’re talking everything from high profile cases that made international news, to smaller crimes that deserve a time in the spotlight. Weaved amongst the true recounts, are interviews with key members of the criminal system. A few notable episodes to get you started: ‘23. Day in the life of a Crime Scene Cleaner’ and ‘36. The Drug Smuggling Grannies’.

Expanse Pink Diamond Heist 

Over five episodes, host Sinead Mangan explores the dirty deals behind Australia’s most well known diamond mine. She speaks with those closely involved in the crimes that took place, wheeling and dealing some of the world’s most expensive diamonds on the black market. Whilst a shorter podcast, Mangan focuses on just the one crime, allowing the timeline to be played out in more than one short episode.

12 Minute True Crime

For those short on time, host Jay Walkerden condenses the key facts of Australia’s worst crime stories into a quick 12 minute show. The perfect podcast to pop on when you’re heading down to the shops, walking home from the bus or waiting for an appointment, without missing all the exciting details. Our favourite episodes (so far!) ‘The Lesbian Vampires’ and ‘The Mummy Murderer’ will have you hooked!

Martinis and Murder 

Ever wondered what the right alcohol pairing would be for each crime? Hosts Daryn Carp and John Thrasher, with the help of producer Matt the Bartender have done just that. Martinis and Murder is set apart from the rest with the addition of Daryn and John’s humour – they don’t shy away from the fact that sometimes, these crimes are just a little funny. M&M is set apart by their location, covering American crimes, some of which we may have heard about – The Golden State Killer or the  BTK Strangler.

Guilt with Ryan Wolf

Being Kiwis, it’s only natural to be interested in our local crime scene. Lawyer and host Ryan Wolf takes us on a journey through some of our unsolved crimes, dedicating a full season to dig through all the facts. In the first season Wolf explores the murder of Paeroa local Jordan Voudouris, which after an intense investigation was left cold. For the second season, Wolf travels to Waiuku in an attempt to solve the 18-year old disappearance of Jim Donnelly.

The Teacher’s Trial

You might be thinking you’ve already listened to this podcast – but you’ll be mistaken for the original ‘The Teacher’s Pet’ podcast by The Australian. The original podcast sparked new interest in the missing persons case of Lynette Dawson, and was taken down as to not interfere with the new trial. The Teacher’s Trial follows the events of Chris Dawson’s trial, as he was found guilty of murdering his wife – a mere three months ago. 

The Glitch

True crime isn’t always blood and gore. The Glitch follows the ordinary Dan Saunders as he realises he can withdraw millions of dollars from the ATM. Saunders blew more than $1.6 million of other people’s money in less than four months before his riveting downfall. 

The podcast follows his journey as an unexpected millionaire, living the highlife just north of Melbourne.

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