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24 October 2023

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Gaia Chinniah is an internationally known healer, medium and spiritual coach. She founded Soul 33 a healing company and the modality of Soul Progression Therapy. Using the energetic cycles and seasons to set your goals, heal and manifest what you want in life is such a powerful tool to help us to navigate life daily without resistance. To use this November Energy Forecast, review once in its entirety and then at the beginning and end of each week remind yourself what the energy of the week is asking of you.

Week One: October 30 – November 5

We have a few things to deal with this week and we may be feeling vulnerable and wanting to withdraw, but this is because once we have cleared things up something better is coming! The clearing process might feel like delays but clearing is creative because you are making space for things you are truly passionate about.  It’s helpful to view it as a process of what you want to keep and what you don’t. 

When we want something, it can come from a place of being attached to having an outcome, but we are being asked to move through life with confidence and give things your best shot once you have cleared things out. Your self-belief this week is what will allow light to shine onto how your vision for yourself is showing up. Keep your heart open to receive these experiences.

Card of the week: Break the Cycle

This is a reminder what whatever needs to be moved aside will be for the greatest good of your visions becoming a reality. You are reminded that as old cycles break, new ones begin that serve you better.

Week Two: November 6 – 12

A magical, light filled week with love as our focus. How you love is how more love will enter into your life. Even love that deserves a second chance. You may feel conflicted about loving again or allowing someone back in. This may show up as a relationship rekindled, friendship or a family member. You might be holding onto old pain but there is reunion energy this week so try not to isolate yourself and see whether this is a reunion you want to bring back into your life or let go. 

Allow yourself to be loved. There is a gateway opening up for more possibility to live your life feeling and being loved, therefore it’s important to check in with yourself to see if you are preventing love from being given to you or if it’s a love you don’t need in your life. Be open to how love and light comes into areas of your life that have previously scared you.

Card of the Week: Be Patient

Sometimes love is not instant. In most relationships it is conditional therefore when we have conditions in place, we must be patient with how love unfolds. This card comes up for you to remind you that you are allowed to be patient with how you reintroduce love in your life.

New Moon – November 13 in Scorpio

We have a new moon and the intensity of Scorpio allows for intense and magnificent intentions to be set. Use this energy to bring in depth in your connections and mystery in how things will show up. A perfect time to set intentions around love!

Week Three: November 13 – 19

Sudden change brings great growth and opportunities! Your hard work and productivity start to pay off. You are being asked to use your masculine energy much like how you would imagine what a ‘good father’ would be like to a child; you are using this masculine fathering energy as a source of strength and guidance for yourself and to steer your opportunities in a direction that feels right and to trust the road ahead. 

Mystical experiences may come in more so than usual this week where spiritually you will be presented with people and signs that guide you towards more people and situations that have your back because like attracts like!

November Energy
Card of the Week: Grounded

Be grounded and solid in who you are and what you are. Your self-assurance will be your strength this week to keep you grounded on your path.

Week Four: November 20 – 26

There is a renewed sense of purpose this week, hold space to receive it and retreat into it. If any self-doubt comes in, it will only be an opportunity to take new action through creativity. Finances are looking healthier as you see long term success pay off. What are you most devoted to at the moment? Contribute with love and maintain your instincts to be aware of how to navigate yourself towards the success that is presenting itself to you.

November Energy
Card of the Week: Wisdom

Full Moon – November 27 in Gemini

This full moon is a chance to release old fear around what it means to change and harness this energy to use your abilities to get you where you need to go. A full moon with forward movement and conclusions eventuating, use your skills in ways that will serve yourself and the greater good of everyone in your life.

Week Five: November 27 – December 3

As we transition from November to the final month of the year, we will really be looking at and towards future plans. Is what you have now really what you want, or do you need to let go of something? The full moon would have helped to release but more stagnation leaves this week so you can take an active role in creating your life. This week you are asked to use your wise feminine energy to take charge and be unafraid of your path, even if you are having to walk alone for some parts of it. A week to ignite true passion but be unafraid of loving yourself more deeply to do what is right for you.

November Energy
Card of the Week: Faith

The faith card comes up to remind you that you need to have faith in your decisions and through that faith your progress is made.

November is a time of depth and love. With the need for more depth and connection we are being asked to make decisions that give us more security. November requires a lot of self-confidence and an open heart to receive wisdom to live your life with true purpose and meaning. A month filled with so much light to show you where to go and what to do.

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