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1 January 1970

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We’ve all been there – you’re trying to come up with a snappy slogan, or an engaging pitch and… nothing. Sometimes, the ideas just aren’t flowing.

This seems to be especially prevalent when you’re stuck inside your house at level four lockdown, unable to bounce thoughts off your colleagues while you grab a flat white together (sometimes Zoom meetings leave a lot to be desired). But there are a few ways you can boost your creativity during this period.

1. Take a walk in the park

A 2014 study showed that exercise helps people be more creative and so does being in nature, so leaving your desk to get outside is doubly inspiring. If there’s one nearby, head to your local park and take the time to observe the nature around you as you walk.

2. Enjoy an art break

Close your computer, grab some paper and draw or doodle for five minutes. You will engage the right side of your brain and doodling has been found to help you stay present and engaged.

3. Make time to play

Many good ideas are sparked by having fun. Do your kids have a trampoline? Give it a go. Play with your pets if they’re in lockdown with you. Round up the family for a game of Twister. The release will help shake loose some creative thoughts.

4. Listen to happy music

Studies have shown music not only enhances learning and memory, it also has an impact on creative thinking. So, put on your favourite song and let it work its magic! Spotify has fab playlists such as ‘Happy Pop’ and ‘Dopamine’ if your usual jams are a bit more melancholy.

5. Brainstorm new ideas

You’ve probably encountered brain-storming at various meetings or lectures, but it can also be very useful for developing your creativity. Set aside any skepticism or self-judgement and write down as many related ideas as possible in a short period of time. Take a step back, evaluate what you’ve come up with and you might be surprised at just how good some of your quick-fire thoughts actually are.

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