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Our Confidence-boosting Make-up Routine  

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1 December 2022

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What does it mean to gain confidence from wearing make-up? At Woman, we believe in simple techniques that put a smile on your face. While you should never feel like you have to wear make-up out of necessity, there is nothing wrong with gaining a little bit of confidence from your favourite make-up products.

Make-up has come a long way. From exploring notions of enhancing your natural beauty, to using makeup as a dramatic extension of self-expression, there hasn’t been an era that make-up wasn’t been a part of. These days, the booming industry and ever-changing trends make it difficult to grasp what kind of products and techniques are really applicable to the everyday woman. But, at the end of the day, even the make-up extraordinaire craves a simple and beautiful confidence boosting make-up look every once in a while.

In today’s edit, make-up will be used to enhance our natural beauty with a boost of radiance and brightness that gives people the impression that you are confident and self-assured. 

Evening Out Skin Texture

At this stage, the main priority isn’t to use a full coverage foundation. In fact, people will feel a sense of confidence when you seem to be content with your “imperfections.” Use a shade of foundation or tinted moisturiser that matches your neck and apply a light layer to even out your complexion with ease.

One of our favourite techniques is to mix foundation or concealer with the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base. It has a rich formula with a great dry down that is truly hydrating without leaving a layer of grease on the skin. Mixed with your foundation, it creates a lighter base that won’t create an oily mess.

By adding an element of skin care to your complexion step, protect your skin while gaining the benefit of a little bit of coverage from your foundation. Depending on your current collection of products, you can substitute the Bobbi Brown Face Base for other primers or moisturisers that have a creamy texture and a lightweight feel. Try to avoid gel or silicone formulas for this step as it won’t have the same effect. 

A Cream Bronzer Can Do What Now? 

Using cream products not only looks natural on the skin but they also act as another layer of undetectable coverage in addition to your lightweight base – especially when you tap the product into the skin, you are fortifying your base routine by adding dimension and an ultra-fine layer of coverage that won’t cake up your complexion.

One of the best cream bronzers on the market right now is the Rose Inc Solar Infused Soft-Focus Cream Bronzer. This semi-matte formula will effortlessly blend into your skin no matter the base. This product adds a touch of radiance without the help of any shimmers whatsoever. Due to its cream to powder formula, you won’t have to worry about its longevity. It has a formidable wearing time that will impress any wearer. Of course, if you have particularly oily skin, a light dusting of powder will take your base to the next level.

When it comes to cream bronzing, opt for a shade that is two to three shades deeper than your skin tone. In fact, even if you use a cream bronzer that is simply one shade deeper than your skin tone, it will still give you that halo of warmth that is day-to-day appropriate and easy to apply in a matter of seconds.

One Step Magic with Lipstick 

What constitutes as a good lipstick will depend on the occasion. For the purpose of today’s edit, the definition of a good lipstick will come down to its wearability and multi-purpose functions. Bare Minerals Mineralist Hydra-Smoothing Lipstick is a relatively new formula. Packed with minerals and natural oils for an incredibly smooth, creamy and satin finish, this lipstick is perfect for the everyday woman.

The formula makes it ideal for the lips and the cheeks as a cream blush. This is important as using lipstick as blush is much easier to do when the lipstick has a creamy formula as opposed to a balmy feel. Harmonising the different features of your face will create the subtle illusion that you know what you are doing. Plus, it eliminates all of the guesswork when trying to figure out what blush to use

A few swipes on the cheeks and lips tapped out with your fingers or brush will create a balanced look where all the features agree with each other. We recommend the shades Presence, Grace and Honesty as ultra-chic MLBB shades.

A Shimmery Lid Goes a Long Way 

Brighten the area around your eyes by using a neutral shimmery shadow on the lids. If eyeshadow is an unfamiliar concept to you, try a stick formula that doesn’t require an eyeshadow primer or any extensive blending skills. Considering that we want to execute a simple and enhancing eye look with confidence, the kind of product that you use will be very important

Take the Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick in the shade Rose Gold or Golden and draw close to the lash line up to the crease. Next, take a small blending brush or your fingers and tap around the edges to reveal an effortless bright eye.

Why shimmer, you ask? Matte eyeshadows tend to accentuate any hollows or create depth around the eye. On the other hand, a shimmery shadow will reflect the light and create a youthful vibe. Furthermore, a shimmery eyeshadow is much easier to blend or disguise any mistakes along the way. Paired with an elongating mascara, this duo will create an epic contrast that will leave your eyes looking twinkly and cheerful.

Less is More

Don’t underestimate the power of feeling good about yourself. While there are societal beliefs that make-up is for insecure people who cannot embrace their natural selves, this could not be further from the truth. Like fashion, make-up is simply an accessory that can be played up or down. A simple bright lip, or a shimmery lid with a wash of bronzer can lift your spirit in a way that nothing else can! This is because you are the master behind the brush – you get to choose the look of the day, every day.

Enjoy the therapeutic process of applying todays brightening and confidence boosting makeup routine and stay smiling. 

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