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Step up your body and haircare regime this winter

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12 July 2022

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Winter is the perfect time to step up your body and haircare regimes.

Ahhh, winter – lush wool coats, chic boots and classy après ski. Also, flaming, ruddy cheeks, brittle, bone-dry locks and limbs so scaly they belong in a terrarium. The drastic drop in humidity and temperature, combined with the artificial heat blasting when we’re indoors is the perfect storm for sucking every last drop of moisture from our bodies. This is especially noticeable as we age, when we’re already fighting to retain it.

The extreme elements mean that key parts of a good beauty routine need a seasonal overhaul, with a focus on deeply hydrating, rich and nourishing products that not only infuse our hair, faces and bodied with moisture, but also keep it locked in.

Don’t let keeping limbs wrapped up under tights and layers allow you to forgo your body regime. Switch to a hydrating, pampering body wash and make sure you’re bathing in lukewarm, rather than scalding hot water. Tempting as it may be to turn up the heat, showers that are too hot will dry skin out severely. Exfoliating once a week with a gritty scrub helps to slough away dead skin cells, which in turn helps prime skin for drinking up the rich body butter or oil you slather on fresh out of the shower. Doing this while skin is still damp helps the product penetrate much more effectively.

And don’t forget your hands. These are frequently exposed to the elements and can become dry and cracked, so keep a small tube of hand cream close by at all times, along with cuticle oil. Massaging in a good cuticle oil is essential for keeping them soft and supple and encouraging healthy, strong nail growth.

Winter is also a great time to head into the clinic and deal to unwanted hair. As you’ll often need several treatments to ensure the hair is gone for good, starting early is key for a fuzz-free summer reveal. The timing also works well, as you need to stay out of the sun and avoid self-tanning products before and after IPL and laser treatments, with humidity and hot weather also known irritants post-treatment.

Cold weather can steal shine and lustre from locks, as well as cause cuticle damage, frizz and static. Tackle winter hair issues head-on by assembling an arsenal of products designed to protect, nourish and repair. The most important of these are a good shampoo, conditioner and mask. Hair stylists always recommend committing to a weekly hair mask to address key concerns and replenish locks. Time poor? Do it at the same time as your body exfoliation.

Always use a heat protector before you curl or straighten, and once you’ve finished, smooth and seal the ends with an oil or hair serum. Experiencing a dry, flaky and itchy scalp is also an incredibly common winter affliction, so using an anti-dandruff shampoo seasonally can help keep this in check.

Facial skin can often feel tight, irritated and generally very thirsty during winter. It’s crucial to load on all the hydration you can get, especially at night when you can layer on a thick emollient cream or mask and let it infuse as you sleep. Swap out gels and light lotions for oils, milks and balms, which work to soothe, nourish and protect your skin’s barrier. Squalene, ceramides and hyaluronic acid are winter wonder ingredients, as well as hypoallergenic products specifically designed for sensitive skin.

While sunny summer memories might feel like a thing of the past during July, just take a look in the mirror and you’ll see that they’re right there with you, in the form of pigmentation, uneven tone and fine lines, all caused by harsh summer UV rays. Winter is a great time to blitz them with a grunty vitamin C serum. This powerful antioxidant works to brighten and minimise dark spots and restore radiance while you’re hibernating. It’s important to remember that sunscreen is always an absolute non-negotiable, regardless of the time of year.

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Here is a selection of rich and nourishing body and hair products.

Make your morning shower into a pampering ritual with this soap-free, paraben-free body wash. It’s brimming with certified organic chia seed oil, which is rich in omega 3 to nourish and preserve your skin’s natural moisture. The delicate vanilla scent adds that perfect luxe touch.

Weleda Skin Food Body Lotion
Weleda Skin Food Body Lotion, $29.90

This deeply nourishing body lotion is the perfect salve for super-dry skin. It includes all the classic Skin Food organic goodness and provides intensive, long-lasting moisture.

A global cult product, this at-home treatment reduces breakage and visibly strengthens locks. Apply it to damp hair and leave for 10-20 minutes, then shampoo and condition as normal.

Designed to intensely hydrate skin and lock in moisture, this serum is enriched with hyaluronic acid and algae extract to plump and replenish during winter.

This hardworking serum reverses environmental damage, thanks to an infusion of superfruit Kakadu plum, which has the world’s richest source of Vitamin C. This, plus AHA, hyaluronic acid and collagen, will boost cell renewal, improve pigmentation, and tone and firm skin.

Tronque Firming Butter
Tronque Firming Butter, $130

The perfect winter soufflé of velvety shea, cacao, mango and avocado butters to protect and repair your body.

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