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A place I love: Actor Xana Tang on her love of Auckland’s Point Chevalier Beach

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20 August 2021

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Actor Xana Tang enjoys fish and chips with friends, paddleboarding on tiny waves and serene sunsets at Auckland’s Point Chevalier Beach.

What is your favourite place in New Zealand?

I love Point Chevalier Beach. It’s a popular place for families and locals, but there’s usually a spot somewhere in the shade, and I’ll stay there for hours. It can get quite busy, but even in the chaotic busy buzz, it feels very welcoming and grounded.

Did you go there as a child?

No. When I was young my parents would take us to places like the Bay of Islands or Takapuna (we lived in South Auckland so that was a long way for us). I found this place a lot later in life.

When did you first visit?

A close friend moved to the area. We decided to grab some fish and chips and catch up on the beach. I still remember how incredible the golden hour was. It felt like the world slowed down and it was so peaceful.

What do you like to do there?

It’s my go-to when I need some self-care time. I love staring out at the water, and being in the water too, of course. The beach has the tiniest waves, so it’s great for people like me who are not strong swimmers and like to just frolic in the water. I also go there when I need to get out of my four walls when working on scripts. The natural sounds of Mother Earth unlock creativity. Nature is the cure.

What is so special about this place?

It’s mostly clean, the sand is soft, and there’s always some nice shade. It’s flat and you can do really romantic walks along the beach on your own or with company. It can be quite serene, depending on the time that you go.

Do you have any top tips for things to do in the area?

Daydreaming–great place for it. Fish and chips on the beach is a must, and they have plenty of bins around, so please tidy up afterwards. A hot drink and a walk along the beach is my favourite thing to do there in the morning. For a summer afternoon, try stand-up paddleboarding on the mini waves.

What do you love about destinations like this?

I love that people want to share space, especially on the beach. They don’t mind you sitting near them, because they know it’s busy. Peace is a huge thing for me – it’s being able to sit by yourself and read a book and not be bothered by anyone for a whole five hours.

What is your favourite Point Chevalier memory?

Another friend lived less than 500m from the beach. We decided to go stand-up paddleboarding and spent a good four or five hours at the beach. We soaked up the sun’s rays and the time passed with us paddleboarding, lounging around, asking each other odd questions about life and enjoying some uber-health-nut snacks.

Xana Tang voices Maggie in Tales of Nai Nai, season two, available on Heihei on TVNZ OnDemand.

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