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It’s high time we empower each other to strengthen our financial wellbeing.

There are 140,000 more women in Aotearoa than men. That’s the equivalent of a city the size of Tauranga. Imagine if we were treated not as niche or a special-interest group, but as the majority? What would our society look and feel like?

In my wildest fantasy, sexism, racism and capitalism no longer exist. In my not-so-wild fantasy, we have equal access to financial wellbeing to grow our wealth and to feel supported and empowered.

I suspect this might be a fantasy for a fair few of us.

The 2020 Financial Capability Barometer Survey, run monthly through 2020 by the Commission for Financial Capability, showed one in five New Zealanders had relationship problems with partners, family or close friends due to financial concerns. Conflicts of…

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