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15 March 2023

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We are heading into Autumn, and the nights are getting colder which means you need to have a good tv show to keep you company!  

As a woman who loves good television I thought it would be appropriate to round up some of my top quality watches that are the right mix of clever, well-written and just downright addictive. 

So to get you through the autumnal evenings, here’s our list of 5 absolutely captivating TV shows that you should add to your favourites immediately.

The Last of Us

the last of us

The 2023 release “The Last Of Us” is a post apocalyptic drama television airing on HBO (and HBO is the pinnacle of good TV). 

An adaption of the video game “The Last of Us”, the story follows Joel (Pedro Pascal) as he escorts a teenager across this post apocalyptic world where inhabitants are infected by a mutated fungus. This is a story of heartbreak and sadness, as their journey is far from smooth sailing. 

Currently in the middle of the first season, “The Last Of Us” offers a great insight into living in a post apocalyptic world and the realities of how societies may have to deal with the fall out and rebuild. 



In January of this year, Netflix released an American heist drama television series which gained immediate notoriety for its shuffled order of play.

The story follows a master thief and his hand-picked and carefully curated crew as they attempt a heist worth $7 billion. 

Each member has their own past and reasons to partake, but what makes it far more exciting is that each Netflix watcher will get a random order in which the episodes play, meaning that the method by which you unpack the mystery is scrambled.

It’s important to pay attention and pick up the pieces as ultimately, betrayal and greed undermine their plans.



Jason Segal is back in “Shrinking” on AppleTV+! 

This January 2023 dramatic comedy follows a grieving therapist as he starts to be brutally honest with his clients and tells them what he thinks rather than following the ethical norms of being a therapist. The result of this? The lives of his patients, and himself, begin to change extremely dramatically.

This show has darker themes delivered in an earnest and honest way which makes it fun and compelling to follow. 



“Extrapolations” is set to air on March 17 on Apple TV+ but is on my watch list for a NUMBER of reasons.

It has a star studded cast – I’m talking Meryl Streep, Kit Harrington, Tobey Maguire, Gemma Chan and Edward Norton. But more than a list of familiar faces, the premise of the show has me beyond excited. 

“Extrapolations” appears to be a very black mirror-esque show that has bleak views on our future. The premise of the show follows 8 people’s lives as the planet is rapidly changing due to the effects of climate change. It focuses on how this affects love, faith, work and family on a human scale. 

Poker Face

Poker Face

This murder mystery comedy drama aired at the end of January 2023 and is stylized as a “case-of-the-week” murder show. With only 9 episodes in season 1, it’s short and sweet and has a compellingly addictive performance by Natasha Leone.

Scoring 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, it has taken fans by surprise and become an increasingly  addictive watch.

The premise of the show follows Charlie Cale, who can determine when somebody is lying. As she road trips around the country, she encounters characters and crimes that she just needs to solve. 

The story, script and the fast pace makes this an easy yet addictive watch to add to your list! 

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