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19 December 2022

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Sustainable, ethical, New Zealand-made, there simply is no better way to buy.

If you’re looking for long-lasting, chic workwear options, sustainable New Zealand brands might just be the way to go. Often made from locally sourced materials, every piece has a gorgeous luxurious feel and is worth all the hype you hear. Although it may be on the pricier side to buy sustainably, these are forever pieces.

So, if you want to dip your toe into the sustainable fashion world, here are our top 10 favourite sustainable NZ-made brands.


Models in chic womens workwear clothing by Recreate Clothing Brand.

If you want to make an impact with your consumerism and change lives for the better, ReCreate is definitely worth supporting. 100% of profits go towards empowering marginalised communities in Cambodia, where each garment is made. 

ReCreate is known for its circular design, which means each piece is thoughtfully designed to fit a regenerative system in which they are circulated and used to their full value before returning back to the biosphere once they are no longer in use. Basically, ReCreate takes reduce, re-use, recycle seriously! Plus, there are lots of neutral colours in at ReCreate at the moment, great for when creating the perfect capsule wardrobe. 


two chic workwear women posing in Repertoire NZ clothing with a bicycle.

Proudly Aotearoa owned and operated, Repertoire has been up and running since 2006 and is perfect if you want sophisticated clothing with an exquisite edge. If your office has any sort of dress-code, Repertoire offers more conservative garments, with a focus on the Kiwi woman. Repertoire has a generous size range and something for everybody, no matter your size or shape.


clothing rack full of city chic workwear by Hej Hej NZ.

Calling all linen lovers! Hej Hej (pronounced ‘Hey Hey’) was founded by two Kiwi best friends right here in Aotearoa. Hej Hej has a specialty for linen, but it doesn’t stop there, top of the shelf fabrics like cotton, cashmere and silk are also heavily featured throughout the Hej Hej collections. Although HejHej is manufactured in Shanghai, all makers agree to an ethical code of conduct so you can be sure they are in safe hands. 

With a few store locations scattered around Auckland, including Ponsonby Mt Eden and a shop soon to open in Wellington, it shouldn’t be too out of your way to pop in and say, “Hej!”


Two women posing in chic red, denim and white clothing from Kowtow.

Go from work, straight to the bar or out for dinner with these duplicitous basic pieces that have a fun flair. From ravishing dresses to simple suits, Kowtow is a well known and trusted kiwi-owned brand that plays around with bold colours, provides  divine detailing and stylish silhouettes to keep things varied and interesting.

In terms of their sustainability plans, Kowtow is committed to being plastic free by 2023! How’s that for finding a future in fashion!

Yu Mei

Model with two blue bags from Yumei showcasing their chic line of bags.

Everyone needs the perfect bag to go with the perfect outfit, and how could we forget Yu Mei when talking sustainable, ethical, and New Zealand made? Yu Mei, of course, really lives up to its ‘Luxury Leather Goods’ slogan. With bags for ‘sling-it-over-the-shoulder satchel’ women, and ‘hand-held handbag’ women, there is no doubt you’ll spot a bag that speaks to you. 

Yu Mei designs each bag with regenerative utility in mind, and their Spring/Summer ’22-’23 collection is a testament to that. Yu Mei is simply to die for. 

Untouched World

Untouched World NZ models posting in their clothing and a dog.

Untouched World is bang on the money when it comes to creating modern, yet timeless silhouettes. Offering minimalist basics with interesting textures, you can build your capsule wardrobe at Untouched World. The beauty of Untouched World lies in the selection of clothes, which is not limited to womenswear alone, but for everyone! That includes mum, dad and even the kids!

Untouched World was the first fashion company to be recognised by the United Nations for their sustainability work. They have a strong belief in quality over quantity, and doing right by both  people, and the planet. Layer up with a piece from Untouched World and know that you have just contributed to good.


Ruby model wearing a blue silk top with chic workpants.

Silky, smooth, ruched, mesh… Whatever texture entices you, Ruby is bang on the money. Not only does Ruby provide a wonderful mixture of materials, but they also offer a range of different patterns too! Ruby’s values as a company lie in inclusivity and being as progressive as possible. This means each piece is designed to fit the Kiwi woman, no matter what shape or size, and you can relax knowing Ruby is looking out for the environment along the way. So, if you’re feeling florals, cherishing checks, or want to don some sparkles this season, have a nosy through the latest Ruby catalogue and something is sure to catch your eye!

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