Stylish second-hand steals the show

Ellen Sinclair
March 25, 2022

A note from our Fashion Editor:

I went to pretty much every op shop in Auckland. I was on a mission to find certain pieces, influenced by two movies with strong and memorable aesthetics. The provocative noir The Last Seduction by John Dahl was my style inspiration. Linda Florentino’s get-up is the epitome of ‘90s fashion (in vogue right now). I love the red lipstick Zoë Lund wears in Abel Ferrara’s gritty masterpiece Ms 45. We booked a venue of a certain era which seemed to hold aspects of all eras, The Hollywood in Avondale. Our photographer, Lula Cucchiara, director of Fiona Clark: Unafraid, wanted to shoot on film. We assembled the squad. My editor and I were excitedly nervous. And then, out of the blue our model cancelled. I looked around and all eyes seemed to be on me. And just like that, the stylist became the model.

Fashion Editor Anastasia Doniants

Photographer Lula Cucchiara

Make-up Artist Lara Daly