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6 December 2022

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Unsatisfied with your current SPF? Don’t worry, it’s a common issue that most of us have faced at one point in time. In light of this, we decided to share some of the best SPF products that have been put to the test. 

We wanted to preface today’s edit by letting you know that all the sunscreens mentioned today abide by the TGA guidelines (the strictest in the world) and work exceptionally beneath makeup. 

dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50

dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50 $72.

One of our favourite SPF discoveries is by dermalogica. The Protection 50 Sport SPF50 is a water-resistant (80 minutes) broad spectrum sun protection for face and body. We usually aren’t fans of face and body formulas but this SPF isn’t too heavy on the face and is substantial enough for the body. 

As per its claims, this SPF doesn’t leave an uncomfortable film and provides ultra lightweight hydration that is refreshing on the skin. If you play any sports or want to get a reliable water resistant SPF for the beach, definitely consider picking up the dermalogica Protection 50 Sport SPF50.

Airyday Golden Glow SPF50+ Dreamscreen

Airyday Golden Glow SPF50+ Dreamscreen, $47.

Airyday has a lovely collection of different SPF products that you can choose from. Today, we decided to mention the Golden Glow SPF50+ Dreamscreen. Despite its name, this SPF is not too dewy, heavy or shimmery. Although, upon closer inspection, you may be able to pick up on some very fine shimmers. However, this only makes the Golden Glow a fantastic option for make-up users who want to find an SPF primer. 

Furthermore, the Golden Glow has zero white cast due to its golden tint. If you have a pale skin tone, you needn’t worry about whether this product will look muddy on you as it is very subtle. This SPF also contains niacinamide, vitamin C, E and F for a skincare-charged sunscreen option. However, unlike some of the other SPFs that have been mentioned today, the Airyday Golden Glow is absolutely combo skin approved due to its super lightweight formula.  

Keep in mind that this SPF contains a distinct champagne and peony scent. Although we find it pleasant, we don’t recommend this product for those with super-sensitive skin!

MECCA MAX Screen Saver SPF30

MECCA MAX Screen Saver SPF30, $28.

We understand how hard it is to find an SPF for oily skin types. Most SPF products are geared towards hydration and people with dry skin. This is why we are so excited to talk about the MECCA MAX Screen Saver SPF30! This unique formula has an invisible matte finish that works to hydrate the skin from the inside out. 

Packed with vitamin E and aloe vera, the Screen Saver will keep your skin supple without leaving a greasy feel on the skin. Additionally, the Screen Saver is full of antioxidants that deliver powerful protection against environmental stressors.

ASAP Hydrating Defence SPF50

ASAP Hydrating Defence SPF50 $76.

Usually, we are used to runny or fluid SPF formulas. However, the ASAP Hydrating Defence SPF has a special texture that is much more like a moisturiser. Although this might seem to suggest that this product will be heavy and thick, the Hydrating Defence sinks right into the skin with ease. 

Keep in mind that this SPF contains niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. Although both ingredients are wonderful for hydration and brightening, oily skin types may find this formula a little too heavy. As such, we recommend this SPF for dry or combination skin types for the best results. Also, If you’re wondering whether there is a white cast, the ASAP SPF has almost no white cast whatsoever.

Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF 50+ Brightening Sun Serum

Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF 50+ Brightening Sun Serum, $53.

Recently, Mecca debuted a new addition to the SPF family in the form of a sun serum. As you can imagine, the texture is rather runny and fluid and it has a hydrating and dewy finish. It’s great for those days when you feel extra dry from a hangover or a lazy skincare night. However, unless you have extremely dry skin, it’s not an SPF that would work on an everyday basis. 

If you are wondering how it compares to the original formula, the sun serum is much dewier and hydrating than the MECCA To Save Face SPF50. Furthermore, because this product contains niacinamide, it has a slightly tackier feel that some may not enjoy. Overall, it is a great SPF that would be perfect for extra dry to dry skin types.

Standard Procedure SPF50 Sunscreen

Standard Procedure SPF50 Sunscreen, $28.

Standard Procedure is one of our favourite brands for SPF. Not only is the texture wonderful for the face and body, the price is super approachable so that you don’t have to hold back when using it. Plus, you won’t feel like you are wasting product when reapplying at the beach! This is especially important because when it comes to SPF, more is more. 

We would recommend taking this SPF to your summer outings where you can see yourself reapplying sunscreen often. Although this SPF has a very slight white cast, it isn’t too visible, especially if you decide to wear make-up on top. Otherwise, if you are looking for a safe SPF option for your family, Standard Procedure is sensitive-skin-friendly for little kids and adults alike.

Ultra Violette Lean Screen Mineral Mattifying SPF50+

Ultra Violette Lean Screen Mineral Mattifying SPF50+, $56

This is another oil-skin friendly SPF that provides powerful protection against the harsh rays of the sun. Despite its slightly thicker formula, due to its matte finish, by the time you finish blending the Lean Screen into your skin, you won’t feel a thing. 

Ultra Violette is a great brand to start your SPF journey if you have finicky skin as they have a massive range of sunscreen products that are geared towards specific skin concerns! Receiving rave reviews for its mattifying qualities and durability during the sweaty and humid months of summer, the Lean Screen is a must-have if you struggle to find an SPF for your skin type.

Keep in mind that this is a mineral sunscreen so it will leave more of a whitecast than other chemical SPF formulas. However, if you have sensitive skin and notice that SPF products freak out on application, we highly recommend a mineral option as it is better suited for this skin type.

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