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“We often go above and beyond, and often at our own expense.”

“You drive south of Auckland and see new subdivisions. New roads, schools, and supermarkets are built, but you don’t see any new hospitals. Even if you did, there’s not enough staff to fill and service them.” Stories of staff shortages, poor pay, and burnout are across the board for this country’s midwives. Is the system too broken to fix?

“Midwifery’s been around forever and will continue to be, but it’s tiring having to forever go up against the ‘proverbial’ man,” says Mandy*, who loves the idea of being in a profession that’s deeply rooted in feminism.

The profession was first regulated at the turn of the 20th century by virtue of the Midwives Act 1904. Then, as disease control entered the public consciousness and obstetrics…

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