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28 August 2022

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Using the energetic cycles and seasons to set your goals, heal and manifest what you want in life is such a powerful tool to be able to navigate daily life without resistance. To best use this forecast, review it once in its entirety at the start of the month, and then at the beginning and end of each week remind yourself what the energy of the week is asking of you.

Week One

Life has ups and downs, and this week we have the opportunity to step back and look at what is happening in our lives and raise our standards of our own possibilities. What is truly possible? Anything! You will know where these standards need to be raised as it will be in the place where you feel unfocused and restless. You don’t need to be sure-footed of how everything will look, it is more about knowing the facts and the intention behind what you are doing rather than needing to know what each step is. Your energy will need some balancing out this week and you will be receiving signs around you to let you know you are going in the right direction. Just know that miracle energy is coming your way even if you do not know how!

Your fear will be rising up this week but only for you to release it with the Full Moon next week.

Card of the week: Faith

Have faith that you are being led where you choose to step. Your intentions are being heard and supported by the universe so have faith you are being supported and that miracle energy is coming your way.

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Week Two

Mercury goes into retrograde on September 9 until October 2 for the final time this year. The reviews of life will take place inviting you to relook at where everything stands for you.

With Mercury moving into retrograde amplified by the Full Moon, there will be a potent combination of transitionary energy to let go of any insecurity and unhealthy habits, especially connected to relationships. Fear is at the root cause. Home is at the forefront this week. What is happening in your home? Who is there? Do you need to set more boundaries around what home means to you? How do you feel about your body? Your body is your home too! Boundaries come up to be addressed this week as you start to see where you are overextended, and any anxiety or fear that may be connected to family trauma. The Full Moon will help you release these traumas if you allow it.

Communication can be difficult during Mercury retrograde so write your thoughts, feelings and fears down before having any important conversations. Imagine a new reality once you have released and expressed yourself, by yourself where possible. You are being asked to commit or recommit to yourself and your relationship if you are in one. We are leaving behind the old ways of doing things and embracing a new version of us that isn’t from our past or ancestral patterns.

This is our final Mercury retrograde for the year and it is a good opportunity for introspection of existing things in life. In particular you are being asked to reignite your passions. The energy of passion is also spilling over into your romantic relationships. You may want to reevaluate if you have enough passion, do you want more? How can you create more without creating codependency?

Full Moon: September 10

This Full Moon you are invited to really feel into your immediate environments, your body and any space that is a home for you. If you are feeling unsure about anything, wait until four days after the Full Moon for more clarity. With Mercury in retrograde, sometimes the mind will feel boggled and confused but this is only because it is time to reassess what is going on for you.

Card of the week:
Light Worker

This card comes up for you this week as your innate healing abilities will be needed to shift and release energy. The Light Worker in you will see the healing opportunity to release and move forward.

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Week Three

The focus is on your feminine, compassionate energy this week and you are asked to be gentle with your approach to life and to yourself. Challenges may have left battle scars but with the challenges there has been sacred knowledge obtained of progression and desires. Celebrate your victories this week, big or small and allow more successes to gently unfold. You have broken through fear and while steps forward may be uncertain, back yourself gently and let go of the hows and whens. Trust yourself this week, this may be in the form of honouring boundaries or a feeling, opinion or decision you are making. Things are starting to balance out in your favour. Let your emotions and feelings guide you but don’t force, let things flow.

Card of the week:
Back Yourself

This card comes up this week as a reminder to believe in yourself and your feelings and what they are telling you to do.

Search “Soul33” on your app store to listen to the full meaning on the digital soul progression oracle feature.

Week Four

A new reality starts to unfold and this week there is a masculine energy of establishing oneself that feels dominant. Your passion is wanting to be your purpose so how can you make this happen? You were asked to reignite passions in the second week and now it’s about how that passion can become your purpose. That type of joy where you want to get up as early as possible because you are living your dream each day. Your connection with the world is up for questioning as you have somewhat of a choice you want to make to be initiated into your life purpose. Intend and create it but also protect what you intend, like nurturing an unhatched egg. You may be asked to teach something this week, showing others what you know and leading the way.

New Moon

Intend and create with this New Moon with who and what you want to be. We have released insecurity during the Full Moon phase and now there is more space to allow our new reality to arrive. Be who you want to be, even if that means doing it alone.

Card of the week: Retreat

This card comes up to remind you to take a step back and check in on your passions, take the time to nurture your needs.

Search “Soul33” on your app store to listen to the full meaning on the digital soul progression oracle feature.

Week Five

We transition into October this week and love without judgement is being asked of you. Are you the comforter or the comforted? This week you can be the person to experience love by also asking how you feel about yourself? Something is drawing you closer to love and self-love; don’t back down in embracing all of it and all of you. You may need to take action in a relationship to show what love means when it’s in movement. Exploring love can require strength as sometimes there is judgment and expectation connected with it. In that case we may mistake love for the ability to change someone or yourself but what it means is acceptance.

Things are balancing out and observing the power to change will be because balance is being restored.

Card of the week:
Light Worker

This card comes up again to acknowledge that it’s a week of healing and healing is always best when it balances something that has been one way for too long.

Search “Soul33” on your app store to listen to the full meaning on the digital soul progression oracle feature.


This month is the start of a new season. Spring has sprung and so has a new reality to cleanse away the old and enter into that new reality. During Mercury retrograde we are planting the seeds and allowing things to grow from a space of reassessment and revaluation.

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