July Energy Forecast 2024

Written by: Gaia Chinniah

Gaia is an internationally known healer, medium and spiritual coach. She founded Soul 33 a healing company and the modality of Soul Progression Therapy ® when she had an awakening at the age of 33. She channels messages from spirit guides, uses energy healing and is able to speak to your soul and see your past lives. She sees your soul blueprint. She reminds you who you are in a very practical way. Gaia has a Masters in Management Studies, is a Reiki Master and has a qualification from Omega Institute New York in Past Life Regression Therapy. She has created a spiritual guidance app and is the founder of Spiritual Health Magazine to help others understand their journey. Each month Gaia provides a monthly forecast of how you can use the energy to plan, manifest and heal your life.

www.soul33.com for her Spiritual Guidance app search ‘Soul33’ on your app store.

Monthly Mantra 

Using the energetic cycles and seasons to set your goals, heal and manifest what you want in life is such a powerful tool to help us navigate life daily without resistance. To use this forecast, review once in its entirety and then at the beginning and end of each week remind yourself what the energy of the week is asking of you. 


WEEK ONE: June 30 – July 5

Have faith in yourself and set your sights higher this week. What would it look like if you saw yourself as someone who could achieve anything with nothing stopping you? As we make a transition from June to July there is an energy of being independent and not being afraid of pulling away from the herd and being the black sheep to do things differently and the way you want. Be a disrupter! When we think of a disruptor we think of a person that challenges the status quo.

Remember, who we surround ourselves with is who we become. What company do you keep? Are they motivating you or dead weight?

Keep your dreams a secret until there is something tangible you wish to show. This helps to keep the energy of others’ fears or envy out.

There are small spiritual awakenings occurring this week as new perspectives come in and priorities begin to change. Self-doubts begin to dissolve. Set your sights higher and don’t give up because of past experiences. Past experiences only repeat when we don’t learn to trust ourselves and do things differently. This is what your soul came here to do!

Be of service. How can you serve yourself and in doing so, serve others? Serving is not to succumb to the needs of others, but contributing in a way that helps you too. A win win for all.

We are being asked to serve and not doubt ourselves, to be independent and strong in what is awakening for us in our lives. A mirror will reflect to you everything you need in order for you to prioritise yourself this week.

Card of the week: Faith

The faith card comes up to remind us that in times of doubt and wavering trust we must come back to having the trust that things will work out as they should and to our advantage. With bravery and change there needs to be blind faith.


WEEK TWO: July 8 – 14 

There might be some sudden and unexpected changes this week, but it will give us the clarity we are looking for, especially if it’s something we knew underneath that we needed to change but didn’t do anything about it because there was some element of doubt. It might feel like we are walking away from a thought pattern, a person, a behaviour or perhaps a toxic situation – even taking a reprieve from social media – posting and scrolling is a form of walking away. What do you need to leave behind?

Trust your direction and know that if ‘walking away’ is done from a place of love it will move obstacles aside to show you what is real and what has been triggering your insecurities.

There will be a reason to have a call to action and we want to see an immediate response. What are you wanting an immediate response to? When we think of a call to action there is an element of strategy to induce a performance. 

There is an elevation energy this week where you will be shown you are supplied for, and it may take a testing moment to see that what follows is to help you not hinder you. You are loved and supported – therefore be open minded to know what is fact and what is fake because we only want to take what serves us into the next stage of life.

Card of the week: Be Patient

The patience card comes in as when we are waiting for life to catch up and align to what we want there are sometimes tests along the way to see if we are ready for what we asked for. This week you will require patience with yourself and others. With unexpected changes we do require a transition time to receive the outcome.


New Moon in Cancer – July 5

A new moon in the first week of the month is a time of intention and setting the tone for the coming weeks. This may be a bit of an emotional new moon, but emotions come up for us to really evaluate what makes us feel safe. There is growth this month and it comes from not having an excuse not to follow through with what you want.


WEEK THREE: July 15 -21 

You are like a magnet this week, attracting things to you to take charge of situations and your life. Post new moon we are looking at new ways of communicating – this could be in your business, at work or at home. Has what you have been saying been falling of deaf ears? Are you truly being heard? People need to hear a new tune to what has been said before. There is an energy to reframe. Be as emotionally stable as you can and manage your time but also remain adaptable. There is a balance between taking charge of your situation but also feeling the freedom to choose how you do things. Sing your own song, express yourself fully and trust in the abundance that is there for you.

Card of the week: Signs

There will be many signs this week through messengers in all forms to tell you that you are on the right track. Signs may be in the form of responses you notice when you are around others. Examine what people are saying, how they are behaving and messages they are giving you unknowingly.

Full Moon in Capricorn – July 23

This is a strong full moon to expand you to be in full growth mode. To grow you need to release the dead weight that has been holding you down. This may be in the form of sabotaging feelings, resentment or even doubt. Use the full moon to lead yourself to more power and strength.

WEEK FOUR: July 23 – 31 

There is a restless energy this week and it might make you want to do things impulsively. You are being asked to think first if you are acting out of pain or persistence. Pain can make us act irrationally but persistence uses any form of pain as leverage to be able to handle more in our lives. Think of this week as teeth cutting through gums. The pain of the teeth cutting through is worth it to expand the number of foods that you can enjoy. 

There is a vision that you need to hold towards the possibilities that you are at the centre of the power you need. You have the freedom to shift your perception even if it feels like a life initiation. Initiations can be testing but lead us to so much more. The leader or entrepreneur in you will have some ideas and the masculine energy of being decisive and powerful is needed. Freedom is yours and if you apply grace, you will be able to leave things behind.

Card of the week: Divine Masculine/Feminine

The energy of both the mother and father come in this week. These roles are not necessarily about the mother or father figure but the card for this week represents the freedom to decide and the grace in the feminine energy to let go and be in the flow.


July is about grounding into your life and to ground fully, disruptions can come in to destabilise us. Any disruptions are so we have no excuses to be in resistance or survival mode but to have a truthful representation. This month is asking for boldness and leadership to restore passion and to feel safe in your life.

Website: www.soul33.com 
Facebook: @soulthirtythree
Instagram: @soulthirtythree


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