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How To Get The Perfect Make-up Base

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12 July 2022

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The right foundation can help you look like you’re not wearing any make-up at all.

Nothing sets up the perfect make-up look better than a flawless base. It creates the ideal canvas for a power pout or bold eye, and while many of us pared our routines right back over lockdown, there’s still a time and place for great foundation that lasts all night. The aim of the game, though, is for it to look as if you just have great skin that glows like that naturally. Surprisingly, looking like you’re wearing no make-up at all actually takes quite a few great products, tools and techniques, so read on for how to ace your base.

Prep Work

Even the most expensive products won’t look their best if they’re applied to skin that’s not adequately prepared. Your skin needs to be smooth, plump and hydrated for the foundation to sit perfectly, especially during winter when skin is at its driest. Apply your favourite daily moisturiser, or, even better, pop on a sheet mask to infuse skin with loads of nourishing goodness.

Prime Time

Think of make-up primer as you do paint primer. Applied beforehand, it refines skin texture and creates a smooth, clear canvas for foundation to adhere to evenly. It also makes it last and look its best for as long as possible. Depending on the one you choose, primer can blur pores and even out skin tone, as well as impart a subtle, lit-from- within glow that’s great for evening. Aleph’s gorgeous primer is actually a multitasking serum hybrid, which hydrates, protects and helps to regenerate your skin as you wear it. A couple of drops can also be worked into foundation to create a lovely dewy tinted moisturiser.

Lay Foundations

With literally thousands to choose from, finding the right foundation can be a minefield. It’s important to select the right one for your skin type and one that precisely matches your tone. To find the perfect match, apply a swipe to the base of your cheek and check to see if it disappears. Otherwise, the staff at your favourite beauty counter are the experts and highly trained to help you find your perfect formulation. Remember that less is more, and always work from the centre of your face outwards. Buffing foundation in will also give you the best finish. These circular, buffing motions work the product into skin incredibly effectively, so that it looks as natural as possible and not at all streaky. If you’re using a blending sponge, wet it first. This helps to “bounce” the product on – if the sponge is dry, it’ll just soak up the foundation.


Getting too heavy-handed with concealer is ill-advised and can actually draw attention to the area you want to minimise. Choose one to two shades lighter than your natural skin tone and just apply to any redness or blemishes, then blend, blend, blend. Instead of applying it in a triangle shape under your eyes, which can be ageing and drag the area down, apply it in an upwards motion from the outer corner. This gives a flattering, lifted effect.


Finish the look and keep it in place all night with a very sheer dusting of setting powder. This should work to absorb any shine, especially around the T-zone, and keep foundation from settling into fine lines. For a truly airbrushed finish, apply a couple of spritzes of setting spray right before you walk out the door. Hold it about 20cm away from your face, then spray between two and four times to coat your entire face.

The Toolkit

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