Gaia Chinniah's advice for Valentine's Day

Written by: Gaia Chinniah. Photography: Rachel Lochhead

As Valentine’s Day approaches, there are ways to use the focused energy on love to help both singles manifest a new partner and couples to connect more deeply with each other. Of course, Valentines Day extends beyond romantic relationships, embracing why we want to lovingly connect with other people in general as well, there is opportunity to serve and help others in ways that make them feel loved. This year, you can approach Valentine’s Day from a spiritual perspective, working your creative magic to either call in the new or nurture the existing love you already have in your life. This is a time of new opportunities to either bring in or recharge the relationship you have.

We often overlook Valentine’s Day and see it as a day of materialism. However, we can choose to see it through a lens of consciousness. It is an event to reflect and embrace the profound journey of love which for many is a huge life lesson and an experience most want to have. For those on a spiritual path, this day holds even deeper significance—a chance to explore the realms of love, nurture its essence, and surrender to its transformative power and also to take a look at how love arrives into your life.

Singles – The Quest for Love: A Spiritual Perspective

If you are single, it’s important to remember this Valentine’s Day that finding love isn’t just about romance as this is something that needs to be worked on over time, however singles are being asked to look from a broader perspective and look to intend someone who would complement who you are. Many look for love in the similarities but there is synergy with our differences too.

Before embarking on the journey of finding love externally, we must understand the importance of cultivating love within. This internal exploration involves self-love, compassion, and a deep understanding of one’s true essence. By nurturing love within us, we can radiate that love outwardly, attracting connections that resonate with our spiritual vibration. 

In the spiritual realm, love is not merely confined to romantic relationships, it encompasses a broader, cosmic connection that binds us all. Valentine’s Day is an opportune time to look into what the essence of love really means to you because the energy is extended to connection. 

Surrendering to the Flow of Love

Surrendering to love does not imply relinquishing control in your pursuit to meet someone. Instead, it involves trusting the natural flow of life. Understand that love is a force that operates beyond the constraints of the ego and to receive it we must also accept it in how it chooses to show up in our lives. It’s about letting go of preconceived notions, expectations, and attachments, allowing love to unfold in its purest form. 

Valentine’s Day is not solely about finding a romantic partner but also about cherishing the bonds we have in our lives. Whether it’s a partner, friend, or family member, spiritual individuals recognize the interconnectedness of all relationships. They approach these connections with mindfulness, acknowledging that every interaction is an opportunity for growth and mutual support.

Don’t give up on love, find new ways to connect with yourself and others. Come back to the simple desire for being complemented to make your life even more fulfilling than it already is.

Couples – Practices for Nurturing Love

Couples, you have an opportunity this Valentine’s Day to recharge your relationship where things may need some extra focus and depth. Love is limitless so there is always more space to grow and evolve within your relationship.

  • Heart-Centered Meditation: Engaging in heart-centered meditation helps to connect with the source of love within. In this practice, you can visualize a warm, radiant light in the heart space to enhance your capacity to give and receive love. You do not need to do this with your partner, you healing your relationship on your own is enough to make the deeper connection you want.

  • Gratitude Rituals: Expressing gratitude is a powerful practice for nurturing love. Take a moment each day to reflect on the love present in your life, expressing appreciation for the connections, experiences, and lessons that contribute to your spiritual journey. You might also like to write these in a card for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. 

  • Acts of Kindness: Infuse your daily life with acts of kindness. It can be a small gesture or a grand expression, but these acts always become channels through which love flows effortlessly.

  • Nature Connection: Connect with the divine through nature. Spend time in serene landscapes, practice grounding exercises, and recognize the interconnectedness of all living beings as a manifestation of universal love.


Remember, you can approach this Valentine’s Day from a spiritual perspective to call in and nurture the love you already have in your life. This is a time of new opportunities to bring in or recharge the relationship you have. Valentine’s Day also extends beyond romantic relationships, embrace why we want to lovingly connect with other people in general as well, there is opportunity to serve and help others in ways that make them feel loved too this Valentine’s Day. 

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